Upcoming Deadline: Oct 29 for Influencer & Blogger 2021 bookings.  If you’d like to complete either or both programs before the end of 2021, book before October 29th. 🙂

  • Your product or cause
  • We secure influencers from our group to post and promote
  • Entry-level budget is $3,500 for 2-5 influencers
  • More budget = more or bigger influencers
  • For products, we’ll need product for review and shipping reimbursement for the committed influencers
  • Process & Case Studies: https://www.ChristianInfluencerGroup.com
Women's Blogger Network
  • We pitch your product for review to our 300 Christian women bloggers
  • Generally, 15-20+ will commit to review and post about the giveaway contest.
  • $2,500 + 15-20+ products for review and shipping reimbursement
  • Program & case studies: www.ChristianWomenBloggers.com