As I hope you know by now, I serve on the Board for the Christian Comic Arts Society.  I’m also a big fan of what Google is doing with Android.  My smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S and my tablet is the “best on the market,” Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

A few weeks ago, we were at the massive, annual Comic-Con International in San Diego.  The following week, DC Comics released their APP for Android.

DC is the biggest North American comics publisher. Renowned for what are considered the World’s Greatest Super Heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and more, DC publishes more than 80 comic format titles monthly and over 1,000 comic books and graphic novels annually, DC also presents different flavors of graphic storytelling through its diverse imprints.

With the official DC COMICS app, you can now download and enjoy DC’s comic books from their weekly offerings and from the vast classics library.

Powered by ComiXology, the app enables you to take advantage of their unique Guided View reading experience or enjoy the classic full page view. You can also manage and read your entire collection anytime from any digital location: you’re desk computer, laptop or mobile phone and tablet.

Read the full explanation about the app and some of it’s functionality over at ComiXology, which built it for DC.