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 Podcast Reaches Ten-Year Milestone

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[Spring Hill, TN]—According to Religion News Service, 57 percent of Americans read their Bible fewer than five times a year. Of those, only 26 percent read their Bible regularly (four or more times per week).

Clearly, Brian Hardin, the vision and voice of the Daily Audio Bible, and his diehard audience (which averages 150,000 listeners a day) are the exception. Hardin has podcasted the Bible for 3,650 consecutive days from his studio in Tennessee or wherever he travels—from locations such as Massachusetts and Oregon to far-flung places such as India, Rwanda, Israel, Australia, and more.

In the course of one year, Hardin and his followers read through the entire Bible. Since his initial podcast on January 1, 2006, he has grown a worldwide following, with more than 80 million downloads and a contingent of listeners who call themselves “family.”

Hardin’s emotive tones relate the tragedies and victories in stories laced throughout the Bible. Many followers have experienced life change through his daily readings, and Hardin insists that he, too, has been profoundly affected.

Hardin’s just-released book, Reframe: From the God We’ve Made to God with Us(NavPress 978-1-63146-447-8), resulted from his daily Scripture practice.

Hardin is not new to Christianity, being the son of a pastor and having worked in the professional Christian music industry. Yet in 2005, he realized that he knew facts about God but didn’t actually know God. He began to read Scripture every day, spending time talking to God about deep things, which had a dramatic impact on his relationship with God.

“The Bible uses the metaphor of husband and wife to convey God’s relationship with the church for a reason,” said Hardin. “I can know every fact and detail about my wife, but that knowledge isn’t what makes our marriage strong.”

Throughout Reframe, Hardin doesn’t shy away from employing outrageous yet relatable metaphors for what believers have gotten wrong in their approach to their relationships with God. For more information about Reframe, visit

The Daily Audio Bible remains focused on its core mission to bring the spoken Word of God to whomever will listen, wherever and whenever they do so. In the process, a community has been created so that no one has to feel alone ever again. Learn more at


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Brian Hardin

ISBN 978-1-63146-447-8
Religion / Christian Life / General
US $14.99
Release: October 2015

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