These days, it seems like every group or new project is using some sort of crowdfunding site. When raising funds for faith-based project, you are faced with navigating the hordes of sites for one that meets your standards for integrity and honesty.

FaithLauncher. unlike similar sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, eliminates the kind of questionable content found on other mainstream sites, and also allows the fundraising group to keep the funds raised even if they don’t meet their entire goal.

The layout of launching your faith-based crowdfunding project also is simple and clear-cut, making it ideal for those who aren’t familiar or comfortable with using a computer or lots of new programs.

Best of all, it’s free to create your “page” and project.

Here are some crowdfunding tips:

  • It’s very important for campaigners to do the preliminary work of building their social media presence in advance of activating any crowdfunding site. Developing a responsive social network has proven to be a core factor for successful crowdfunding campaigns on sites like FaithLauncher, Kickstarter and so on.
  • Successful campaigns have compelling rewards. Fernando Chavez, FaithLauncher CEO, states, “Effective reward tiers spark enthusiasm in potential donors and heighten their motivation to give to a campaign. Contributors are also more apt to engage their social networks about pursuing rewards that are coveted, meaningful, uncommon, or have limited availability.
  • compelling pitch video is vital to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Great campaign videos get to the point with energy and a powerful, concise story that moves their audience. Humor also works. Don’t think that you need to do a Hollywood production, but good lighting and sound are important.
  • Set a savvy funding goal. There are a several variables in play, including how much money you need for your project, but taking a proactive approach to setting the target amount for your campaign begins with identifying your core stake holders, friends, likely donors, and influencers who you know will help get you there and will help expand your reach.

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