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Crossway’s Improved Rapid Replenishment Program
for Independent Retailers

Lauren Harvey

Wheaton, IL—Crossway is pleased to announce an improved rapid replenishment program. In an effort to better serve independent retailers and their customers, Crossway will guarantee all fulfillable orders received at its Wheaton office on Mondays by 3PM ET will arrive no later than Friday of the same week. Orders placed Tuesday through Friday will be fulfilled by the next business day and shipped standard method. 

“Our independent retailers are very important customers and we want them to have a service that is both reliable and quick so they can serve their customers equally well,” commented Anthony Gosling, Executive Vice President of Business Operations. “I am delighted that Crossway can assist our valued partners in this practical way.” 

For continental US customers only. All orders are subject to stock availability. Please contact Crossway’s Sales department at 1-877-872-2871 or with questions or to learn more. 

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