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“Confronting Christianity” named Christianity Today’s 2020 Beautiful Orthodoxy Book of the Year

WHEATON, Ill.—Crossway is pleased to announce that Rebecca McLaughlin’s Confronting Christianity (Crossway, April 2019) has won the 2020 Christianity Today Beautiful Orthodoxy Book of the Year.

The Christianity Today Book Awards are presented to books in 14 different categories, including Biblical Studies, Children & Youth, and Spiritual Formation. Confronting Christianity also won the award in the Apologetics/Evangelism category for 2020.

“We are deeply honored to publish Rebecca’s book, and we are gratified to see it being recognized as one of the year’s best books,” commends Justin Taylor, Crossway’s executive vice president of book publishing and book publisher. “We are praying that God would continue to use the ‘beautiful orthodoxy’ of this book to help believers and those who don’t yet believe to see that Christianity can be confronted with the very hardest questions and come away with honest, winsome, and compelling answers.”

Confronting Christianity explores 12 issues that might cause someone to dismiss orthodox Christianity—issues such as the existence of suffering, the Bible’s teaching on gender and sexuality, the reality of heaven and hell, and the authority of the Bible. McLaughlin shows how the best research from sociology, science, and psychology doesn’t disagree with but actually aligns with claims found in the Bible, and thus helps skeptics understand why these issues are signposts, rather than roadblocks, to faith in Christ.

“I have spent decades of my life engaging with brilliant friends who have principled reasons for dismissing Christianity,” writes McLaughlin. “But I have also spent years working with Christian professors at leading secular universities in fields ranging from physics to philosophy. Some grew up in the church. Others encountered Christianity later. All have found that their faith has stood the test of their research and left them more convinced that Christianity represents our tightest grasp on truth and our best hope for the world. This book aims to look closely at important questions through the lenses these friends have given me, and to share that experience with you.”

Available in both hardcover and ebook formats, Confronting Christianity has received commendations from Peter J. Williams (Principal, Tyndale House, Cambridge), Karen Swallow Prior (author of On Reading Well and Fierce Convictions), Os Guinness (author of The Call), and many others. For more information about the author, please visit

Rebecca McLaughlin holds a PhD in Renaissance literature from Cambridge University and a theology degree from Oak Hill College in London. She is cofounder of Vocable Communications and former vice president of content at the Veritas Forum, where she spent almost a decade working with Christian academics at leading secular universities.  @RebeccMcLaugh

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