ECPA's Rush To PressConference Teaches Writers How to Customize Their Pathway to Publication

Christian publishing industry veterans help authors take their writing to a new level at the Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference

Muskegon, Mich., July 30, 2014 In the past, writers attended conferences hoping to secure a few moments with the editor of a traditional royalty publisher who might offer them a book contract. While these editor meetings still happen, today’s writers have a whole new world of opportunities open to them. This fall, the 37th annual Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference will be led by Somersault Group, including Christian publishing industry veterans David and Cindy Lambert. Dave and Cindy have assembled a faculty of more than 30 leading professionals in the Christian publishing world to come together September 15-18 on the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline to offer practical help, creative inspiration, and guidance for aspiring and established authors.

“The world of publishing is changing, and it’s changing fast,” explains David Lambert, formerly of Zondervan and Simon & Schuster and now editorial director for Somersault. “The Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference guides writers in finding ways to succeed in the emerging publishing world—the world of next year and the year after, rather than the publishing world of last year.” Both already published and aspiring writers will learn how the marketplace and technology are shifting and what they need to do to stay current.

The conference will include several new events:

  • “Experience it Live” sessions showcasing professionals in action
  • A staged pub board meeting—live
  • Speed-dating with publishing experts
  • A “build your social media platform” session

Favorite conference events from past years will also be featured:

  • One-on-one consultations with editors and faculty
  • Hands-on small group critique sessions
  • Premium sessions
  • Fun & fellowship with other writers and faculty
  • Over 30 small-group workshops

2014 is the first year David and Cindy Lambert, partners in Somersault, a publishing consulting firm made up of long-time industry professionals, are leading the conference.

“We’re thrilled with the high-caliber faculty of respected publishing professionals that have agreed to join us,” says Cindy Lambert, author, editor, and publishing strategist for Somersault. “Traditional royalty publishers as well as small presses, indie and hybrid publishers, and professional freelancers are coming together at Maranatha to explain and explore the new and evolving models of publishing today. No matter how many writers’ conferences someone has attended in the past, we expect that this will be the one that helps them turn the corner in their writing career.”

Keynote speakers and session leaders include:

  • Colleen and Newell Cerak, authors of the #1 New York Time bestseller Mistaken Identity
  • Jay Payleitner, bestselling author and Christian radio personality
  • Cliff Graham, successful author, speaker, and entrepreneur
  • Cindy Lambert, publishing strategist and author
  • Dave Lambert, award-winning editor and author
  • Tim Haines, social media and internet marketing specialist
  • Crystal Bowman, widely published children’s author
  • Gail Gaymer Martin, novelist
  • Executives and professionals from publishing companies across the country

Besides attending the many workshops, participants are encouraged to spend one-on-one time with faculty including a variety of published authors also serving on faculty.

For both the novice writer and the published author, the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference offers personal guidance, practical advice and encouragement to customize their pathway to publication and elevate the power and effectiveness of their writing.

About the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference:
The Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference has a rich 37-year history as an informative, inspiring, and intimate conference. In 2014, Somersault Group has partnered with Maranatha to design and implement a new program. Somersault believes that the evolving world of Christian publishing provides a playground of new possibilities for authors and publishing professionals alike.

Somersault has assembled a faculty of respected publishing professionals from traditional royalty publishers as well as indie publishers, small press, hybrid and freelancers. The faculty will includes editors, authors, agents, marketers, social media specialists, and publishing services providers. Faculty and attendees will be able to discover the new and evolving models of publishing today, network with professionals in all publishing fields, and learn how to customize their pathway to publication.