FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE- June 3, 2014 – Thom Shea, author of Unbreakable: A Navy Seal’s Way of Lifewill appear on Sean Hannity’s television program on Thursday, June 5. He will be part of a panel selected to comment on the recent release of American POW, Bowe Bergdahl.

Thom Shea is a twenty three year veteran of the Navy SEALs. He won the Silver Star and Bronze Star medals during his multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. As the head of the Navy SEAL sniper school, Thom had the distinction of training the “Lone Survivor”, the “American Sniper”, Seal Team 6 that took down Osama bin Laden and the sniper team that rescued Captain Phillips. Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life, began as a series of letters Thom wrote to his children in the event he didn’t return from his missions. Over several years, he added advice on life based on his SEAL training. Obviously, Thom made it back. He retired from active duty in December, 2013, and now runs a consulting service called Adamantine Alliance.

Unbreakable was published on Memorial Day, May 26th. In the book, Shea writes about how his platoon was assigned the task of rescuing Bergdahl after his capture in 2009. At least six American soldiers died in the attempt to rescue Bergdahl. Shea’s unit came under heavy fire in the rescue attempt. The rescue attempt was unsuccessful as, according to Shea, “It’s hard to rescue someone who doesn’t want to be rescued”.

On Monday, Shea appeared on Fox and Friends, and Sean Hannity’s radio and television programs. On Tuesday, Shea appeared on the Andrew Wilcow radio program and the Wilcow! television program on The Blaze. He also did an interview on The Dana Loesch show.

On Thursday, Shea is being flown to New York where he will appear on an expert panel to discuss the rescue of Sergeant Bergdahl.

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