ECPA's Rush To PressChristianity Today Highlights Millennial Faith with “33 Under 33”

Contact: Wes Jakacki
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Carol Stream, IL July 1st, 2014 – In the midst of increasingly dire reports and commentary over the Millennial generation’s departure from institutionalized faith, Christianity Today magazine recently published a list of “33 under 33” as the cover story of their July/August issue, highlighting 33 Millennials leading the Christian faith.

A Millennial herself, Christianity Today’s Managing Editor Katelyn Beaty says, “We saw this list as one way to counter the negative news surrounding Millennials—that they don’t care about institutional faith and are abandoning the church. As with most news tropes, the story on the ground is more complicated. We also wanted to signal that, as an established institution, Christianity Today really cares about engaging the next generation of believers—of understanding their challenges, hopes, and unique ministry visions, and making them our own.”

The list includes reformed rapper Trip Lee, President Obama’s former faith adviser Joshua DuBois, and pro-life activist Lila Rose among many others. Associate Editor Kate Shellnutt, who corralled and wrote the cover story, noticed a few commonalities that bring these 33 together. “The Millennials on our 33 Under 33 list embody a sense of ambition and creativity. They bring glory to God by doing what they love and doing it well, whether that’s building a business or writing a blog. The breadth of their work reminds us that young Christians are actively contributing and bringing their faith to so many arenas of life.”

Shellnutt identifies that the 33 selected are just the tip of the iceberg of Millennials leading the faith, which is why Christianity Today is inviting readers to share other Millennials to watch on Twitter under the hashtag #Under33. “I know there are more Millennials out there working to influence our church and our culture. I look forward to learning more through people’s submissions using the #Under33 hashtag.”

Christianity Today subscribers can read the cover story here. Readers can also expect a follow-up piece in August including a roundup of reader’s responses of other Millennial Christians to watch under the #Under33 hashtag.

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