ECPA's Rush To PressChristianity Today Announces “The Behemoth”, a Magazine that Marvels at God’s Creation

Contact: Wes Jakacki
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Carol Stream, IL July 31st, 2014 – Christianity Today, the media ministry founded by Billy Graham in 1956, announced today its most daring publication to date in The Behemoth. This ad-free, biweekly publication aims to help people behold the glory of God all around them, in the worlds of science, history, theology, medicine, sociology, Bible, and personal narrative. The digital magazine is available on the iPad through an app in the iTunes store or on any device through the responsive website

The Behemoth gets its provocative name from the biblical beast God uses in the book of Job that forces Job to stop asking questions but simply marvel at God’s creation. Managing Editor Ted Olsen says, “We want to look at God’s creation, God’s history, God’s people, and the glorious study of God,” he says. “In these and future articles, more than anything else, we want to behold. Not exhort, scold, theorize, pontificate, but simply marvel.”

And The Behemoth does so in many ways—the first issue contains articles on the physics of baseball, the martyrdom of English Reformation leader Thomas Cranmer, and musings from Swiss theologian Karl Barth. Ted concludes, “Wonder has a way of leading to both humility and praise. And if The Behemothdoes that for our readers, we’ve accomplished our purpose.”

Like the elements of God’s creation it describes, The Behemoth is a unique project for Christianity Today. Designer Jennifer McGuire says “The Behemoth is unique in its responsive website and app, so it will work on any size device really well.” In terms of the actual design, McGuire says, “This was a fun site to design. With the concept of this digital magazine, imagery is huge (no pun intended), so we wanted to make sure that every article had a powerful, evocative photograph that would draw you in. And we chose beautiful, contemporary fonts that are designed for comfortable reading on screen, that give it a simple, clean look.”

The first issue is free to all readers, and is available on the iPad and at

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