Dare2Share has been inspiring teens to evangelism through events, resources. and positive, peer-to-peer relationship building. They also annually produce conferences, events, and now, Dare2Share LIVE, a day-long event focused on worship, ministry, and outreach to communities and schools.  Over the past 28 years, Dare 2 Share has inspired and equipped over 1 million teenagers and youth leaders to talk about their faith.

FrontGate was engaged to support Dare 2 Share in promoting their mission to Energize the Church to Mobilize youth to Gospelize their world, by helping to launch their latest endeavor Dare 2 Share LIVE.  Dare 2 Share LIVE is a national, live, multi-site training and outreach event.  On September 23, the event was held in Denver, CO and simulcast live into over fifty churches across the nation.  In its first year, Dare 2 Share LIVE succeeded in raising the profile of evangelism in youth ministry by empowering over 50,000 teenagers and youth leaders to spark a movement of Gospel Conversations throughout the nation.

Campaign Details:
The campaign ran from May to October 1 to advance promotion for the September 23rd event date. Three Press Releases were distributed, along with a Media Alert.  We also created a template that was provided for local churches to use for their own promotion of the event. Stories were pitched and secured to our very broad base of Christian media outlets.  Interviews were pitched and scheduled for Greg Stier, the Founder of Dare 2 Share.  PRWeb was utilized to expand the reach of our press releases and to build an expanded database of media contacts for additional pick up.

Press releases:
Dare 2 Share Live – Announcement: Sent 5/9
-Dare 2 Share Interview Avails: Sent 9/7
-Dare 2 Share 50,000 Announcement: 9/13
-Dare 2 Share Florida Hurricane Impact: Sent 9/20


-Dare 2 Share Live – Announcement: 1208 sends, 35% opens
-Dare 2 Share Interview Avails: 1243 sends, 33.5% opens
-Dare 2 Share 50,000 Announcement: 1600 sends, 23% open rate
-Dare 2 Share Florida Hurricane Impact: 1341 sends, 42.8% open rate

Distribution through PR Web:

Dare 2 Share announcement. Sent 5/9
82,790 headline impressions. 2626 media deliveries. 93 online pickups with a potential audience of 78,809,380

Dare 2 Share 50,000 Announcement Press Release. Sent 9/13
94,700 headline impressions. 3541 media deliveries. 88 online pickups with a potential audience of 70,313,840

Samples of coverage:

Christian Post
Gospel Music
Faith Radio
CBA Online
In the Market with Janet Parshall
Chris Fabry Live
Hello Christian
Janet Mefford Today
Karl and June
Life with Purpose
Evangelical Christian Publishers Association

“It was important to find not only a company that understood our marketing needs, but that shared our mission and goals to reach teens and support youth leaders and the Church at large.  FrontGate was uniquely positioned as an industry leader made up of people who support evangelistic causes. We are glad to be a part of the FrontGate family.” – Dare 2 Share Founder and CEO Greg Stier.
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