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Do you want to be a guest on leading Christian podcasts but aren’t sure how to pitch yourself and secure interviews? FrontGate Media’s Christian Podcast Tour Service makes it easy to be booked as a guest on podcasts.

Podcast Pitching for Christian Brands

Whether you’re a Christian author, leader, ministry, business, organization, or charity, we can help you increase brand awareness by securing interviews on top Christian podcasts. Here’s how our podcast pitching service works: 

  • We pitch our 100+ Christian podcasters and secure interviews on podcasts that reach your audience.
  • We initiate conversations and build relationships with these podcast hosts on your behalf to find opportunities to reach their audience.
  • We research and qualify additional podcast hosts in your market space who reach your audience and are relevant to you, your campaign, and your organization.
  • We book your interviews on podcasts, select a topic with the podcast host, and confirm any other details.
  • We brief you on the topic you’ll be discussing on the podcast and any pre-interview prep you’ll need to complete.
  • We follow up once your interview is recorded to confirm the release date and thank the host for having you on their show.

Pitching Podcasts Made Easy

When it comes to how to get on a podcast as a guest, you can do it the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is to do cold outreach to Christian podcasters, pitch yourself, and hope to hear back. The easy way is to let FrontGate Media secure guest spots on top Christian podcasts for you.  

In just 6 to 8 weeks, we will…

  • Complete our onboarding process
  • Strategize to identify the best guest show opportunities
  • Execute the podcast pitching plan
  • Secure your spot on multiple top Christian podcasts
  • Confirm the release dates for your interviews
  • Wrap up the campaign with a final report

Want to learn more? Schedule a call today to secure a Christian Podcast Tour to promote your business, ministry, organization, or charity.