We are here to build the reader base for your book, author, and company by engaging Christian readers via the 10 million uniques and 5 million email subscribers in our Web Network, and beyond through PR, Social Media, Strategy/R&D, Media Buying and more.

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Here’s how we have faithfully served others just like you…

We Serve Up News & Marketing Tips
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We Serve Thru PR…

Public Relations is one of the most affordable ways to get the word out about a publishing imprint or an author and his or her books in any genre.

At FrontGate, we specialize in strategic projects rather than templated press releases, and create a unique PR plan tailored to your needs that can include…

  • press releases
  • interview & story pitching
  • content placement and partnerships
  • media coaching and more.

We serve both publishers and individual authors. Our team serves Publisher clients like HarperCollins, Harrison House, Clear Day Publishing, WND Books, and works directly for Authors like Kenny Luck (B&H Publishing/Saddleback Church), Frank Turek (CrossExamined.com,) Guy Hatcher, Dr. Derek Grier (Grace Church) and more!

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We Serve Thru Social Media…

We have been managing social media since 2007, and provide Complete Social Content Development and Management as well as Social Marketing Campaigns.

We will build YOU a social media base to return to again and again, or market immediately through existing social outlets to reach the broadest Christian audience available.

Services include…

  • Content strategy & development for 26-52 blogs per year.
  • Audience engagement 3-5 times per day.
  • Creation of custom graphics (memes) and pages.
  • Marketing your pages to drive up number of Likes/Followers.
  • Social Marketing Placements to reach millions of Christians.
  • Creating custom events.
  • Contests to drive engagement through shares and likes.
  • Measure, track and optimize.

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We Serve by Creating Engagement…

  • Web Network: 10 million+ uniques and 35 million+ monthly page views
  • Direct Email Audience: 5 million+ email subscribers
  • Event Network: hundreds of thousands event attendees
  • Get creative with help from our Engagement Specialists!

… or let us deliver the entire market thru our Media Buying Services

  • Media Buying Services delivering Digital, Radio, TV & Print Campaigns to engage the entire Christian market audience you are targeting.
  • Our nationwide Jesus Film App launch for Jesus Film/Cooke Pictures featured 85 executable line items across web, email and mobile outlets!


OnFaith by FaithStreet – 500,000+ uniques/month, 52% female

FlyBy Blogger Network – 600+ mommy bloggers reaching 4.5 million readers

Winter Jam Webcast – Christian music’s biggest tour hits the web

Blue Letter Bible – 1,000,000 Bible studying uniques/month


We Serve Thru R&D to create your Strategic Plan…Text-1

Especially good for authors and smaller publishers, let us create a customized marketing plan that you can use to execute in-house via your talent & staff, and additionally via professional help in key marketing areas for which you may not have the skill/staff in-house.

Created by myself and a former Senior Director of Marketing at one of the biggest Christian Publishers, our marketing development plan includes an analysis of where you are now along with specific, written recommendations on what to do next. The plans generally runs 7-10 pages or so.

After our analysis, we create a customized marketing plan covering the 9 Proven Areas to focus on in order to reach the Christian Community for Best Results:

1. Strategic Focus
2. Marketing Tactics
3. Publicity
4. Retail Strategy
5. Web Strategies
6. Promotions
7. Social Media
8. Media Buy Specifics
9. Outside the Box Ideas

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I founded FrontGate 14 years ago for one reason, and only one reason:Text-1
to serve as Your Gateway to the Christian audience.

We will serve you however and wherever you need help for your book & author.Let us help in one or more areas, from a complete launch strategy, to a PR rollout, targeted media placements, and/or a social campaign utilizing our years of experience not just surviving, but thriving in the Christian publishing world.Reply to this email or contact us via our web site.At Your Service,Scott A. Shuford
Chief Engagement Officer