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ministerio internacionalCHURCH PR CASE STUDY

El Rey Jesus in Miami: We provided a major PR push as part of our strategy and marketing work for lead agency Spot Mill to affect 12,000 Miami families, while securing local market television coverage and taking our complete overhaul of El Rey’s Back to School community program to the next level.
Keep Reading

perfect wave coverMOVIE PR CASE STUDY

The Perfect Wave: Anchor Bay Entertainment, a Starz company, approached us based on our expertise in marketing films and DVDs that appeal to the Christian audience, in this case, to secure our public relations and advertising services. Keep Reading


Mighty Oaks Veterans: With our expertise in working faith-based causes and non-profits to both the Christian and secular markets, this project was not only a right fit for us and the client, but a passion fit as well, AND THEN they expanded our work to include management of their social marketing. Keep Reading

church of the highlands music logoMUSIC PR CASE STUDY

Church of the Highlands Worship: Our team was asked to provide public relations, advertising, social media marketing, media placements, and strategy development for Church of the Highlands Worship, and the work done was targeted at Christian music enthusiasts, as well as others in the faith-based community who would find the album edifying. Keep Reading


Owlegories:  The team behind Owlegories reached out to us to secure more sales by growing awareness and increasing their audience. They also hoped to expand their reach across multiple social media platforms, and generate more email leads.​
Keep Reading

FrontGate Media blogger network promotionBOOK BLOGGER CASE STUDY

HarperCollins’ God Loves Mommy & Me: Our team was contacted to collaborate with our extensive network of bloggers to review the book and raise awareness. The goal was to extend the reach of the product, and to collect email leads from giveaways hosted on each blog. The target audience was Christian mothers who are parenting young children in the suggested age range. Keep Reading

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We are happy to announce that FrontGate is teaming up with Good Celebrity™ to provide positive celebrity stories, serving as the ‘go to’ source for public relations, agents, managers, organizations, and philanthropists alike to make a different in mainstream news media.

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