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Don’t Get Lost In A Sea of Asks

Almost 1/3 of all donations are made between Thanksgiving and New Years.  We don’t want your message to be “lost at sea” in the ocean of donation asks this season.  Do you have a plan to be sure that your messaging is EFFECTIVE and SEEN?

We have helped non-profits of all sizes with overall messaging and getting connected to the right audiences, including Open Doors, World Vision, The Seed Company, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, Schambach Ministries, Groundwire ( and Pre-Born just to name a few…  and the results? 

“FrontGate Media is by far our best performing partner. No one else comes close to this level!” – World Vision.

“We have seen great results from our email marketing campaigns; far beyond the other networks we worked with on this campaign.” – The Seed Company

“I really appreciate the expertise and passion that FrontGate brought to our end-of-the-year push. It was a pleasure to work with them.” – Groundwire

Call 949-528-3359 or reply back to discuss your needs. 

NEW!! Use the power of Good Celebrity

Good Celebrity provides you with media coverage AND a powerful visual clip for to impact your fundraising dinners, presentations, and social audiences that is sure to impress donors and inspire giving.
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Scott A. ShufordScott A. Shuford
Chief Engagement Officer
FrontGate Media