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How to Gather Effective Email Leads

Obtaining contacts through email marketing can be a frustrating process. Even if you have amazing, shareable content, you are at the mercy of oft-shifting contact lists, overflowing inboxes, and subscribers who never even click “open.”  How do you collect viable email leads? How do you cull out old ones? What are tried and true ways to generate sharing of emails?  Click the Read More button to find out the answers to these three questions for email marketing success!

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Read more… Kit Is Here! - family friendly movie reviews and ratingsIf you are looking to reach a wider audience, is the perfect site for reaching the family values and faith-based audiences, Dove reviews and rates movie, book and television content.  Click here for the all new media kit PDF …Get The Kit

CASE STUDY: Pro Life Support for Churches and Pregnant Women

embrace grace church resource pro life

FrontGate cares deeply about marketing and strategy and passionately about the Kingdom work that is so integral to our faith-based and family values roots. Our Embrace Grace campaign was an opportunity for FrontGate to partner with influential bloggers to share stories of choosing life and encouraging support for young moms-to-be who are struggling with their pregnancy and might be considering abortion…Keep Reading

The Importance of Video Color Correction

video color correctionAs we are shooting video footage for our clients’ marketing and fundraising campaigns, or adapting client supplied video content for social or web use, our video production team often is asked about the phrase “color correction” and why it is so important from a media standpoint.  Continue to our blog post to learn the ins and outs of video correction… Keep Reading

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