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Christian Journals Direct offers personalized Christian journals to help inspire your faith every day. The journals feature different Bible verses at the bottom of every page, personalized to include your name into each Scripture making God’s Word uniquely personal. Perfect to give to a family member, child, or friend, these meaningful Christian journals are one way to refresh your spirit and restore balance, organization, and focus in your life.

As part of an audience and sales growth campaign that includes social content and advertising and sales newsletter writing, FrontGate Media was hired to help promote Christian Journals Direct’s personalized journals through our Women’s Blogger Network. The campaign took place over 8 weeks with the goal of increasing brand awareness, generating email leads, and creating SEO value through backlinks.  

Target Audience

The ideal audience for this campaign was Christian women and families who use or would be interested in using personalized Christian journals for themselves or to give as gifts to loved ones. 


The campaign utilized FrontGate Media’s proprietary Women’s Blogger Network, our partnership with a large number of bloggers who have a substantial Christian following on social media and blogging platforms. The campaign included pitching, confirming, and facilitating the bloggers to go through the review process and posting their reviews and a giveaway program on Instagram and Facebook. 

These bloggers received a personalized Christian Journals Direct journal for free, and in return, wrote about their experience using the product in their daily lives. By sharing their personal experiences from using these Christian journals on their own blogs and social media pages, these bloggers promoted Christian Journals Direct to their followers. 


This campaign had great reach!

  • Total Reach: 499,609
  • Total Bloggers: 32
  • Total Social Media Posts: 117
  • Total Email Leads: 432

Our Christian Blogger Network campaign reached nearly 500,000 people, substantially increasing brand awareness for Christian Journals Direct. Additionally, by collecting over 400 email leads, it is evident that there is a large audience of interested users. This provided a solid list of warm leads for Christian Journals Direct. Now, not only will they be able to further promote their product by nurturing and selling to these leads, but we can also incorporate the blogger posts as social content to continue reaching their target audience. 

Through our campaign, Christian Journals Direct achieved their goal to reach their target audience and grow their email subscriber list to put these personalized Christian journals in the hands of those who want and need them. 

Here are two rave reviews Christian Journals Direct received through this campaign:

“It’s like the Bible is was written directly to you the journalist! I just have to believe that reading God’s Word written directly with one’s own name in it would make an impact.” – Harvest Lane Cottage

“One feature that I love about my new Christian Journals Direct journal is the paper. It is so thick and luxurious. My pens, no matter which ones I use, do not bleed through. I can highlight and even use permanent markers and there is no shadowing at all. At the top of each page is a place for me to date it, and when taking sermon notes, this is very helpful. At the bottom of each page is a Scripture reference that has been personalized using my name. This is a very unique feature that I’ve never had in a journal before.” – Hugapooh Louise

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