Christian Influencer and Blogger Campaign for Pastor's Kid FilmDiving into the depths of faith and redemption, “Pastor’s Kid” emerges as a moving narrative in the faith film sector. Based on a true story, this movie follows the journey of Riley, a college student wrestling with her identity amidst a tumultuous past marred by abuse and religious duplicity. “Pastor’s Kid” captures the essence of struggle and the relentless pursuit of healing, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking a story of profound personal transformation and the power of redemption.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote “Pastor’s Kid” through a Christian Influencer and Blogger Campaign to generate awareness, engagement, and ticket sales.


“Pastor’s Kid” is rated R because of the film’s use of profanity while highlighting what it’s like to grow up with an alcoholic and live a party lifestyle. Because of this, the primary audience for this campaign was Christian adults interested in faith-based narratives and stories of personal growth, as well as moviegoers interested in thought-provoking cinema that challenges perspectives on faith and identity. 


We used our proprietary Christian Influencer Group and Women’s Blogger Network to promote the film. These women were invited to watch “Pastor’s Kid” and write an engaging promotional review on Instagram and Facebook or their personal website. The goal was to generate interest and drive traffic to the trailer for the film.

By engaging Christian influencers and bloggers, we were able to use their established trust with their audience to effectively amplify the message and emotional resonance of “Pastor’s Kid.” Their authentic reviews and personal reflections on the film’s themes of faith, redemption, and personal struggle created a ripple effect, sparking meaningful conversations and heightened interest across social media platforms and personal blogs. This strategic approach not only widened the film’s reach but also significantly boosted purchase sales by connecting with viewers on a deeply personal level, demonstrating the power of community and shared experiences in promoting cinematic stories.


We secured a total audience of nearly 1.5 million through the Christian Influencer and Blogger Campaign for “Pastor’s Kid.” 

  • Influencers and Bloggers: 32
  • Audience Size: 1,448,200
  • Social Reactions (likes, comments, saves): 28,693

These results highlight the effectiveness of using Christian influencers and bloggers to reach a targeted demographic deeply invested in the film’s themes. We were able to reach niche communities with high engagement rates, which increased visibility and fostered an environment of discussion and anticipation around the film. While influencer marketing is effective in and of itself, the success of this campaign highlights the importance of campaign efforts to align with what the influencers and their followers believe in, leading to a natural and successful promotion.

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