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Christian Conferences
for Women & Families!

Conferences are personal experiences that impact attendees spiritually & emotionally, delivering in-person touch points that allow marketers like you to generate direct engagement.

Sponsor partnerships help to create deep impact, while a la carte options such as trailers, bag stuffers, session guide ads, or booth experiences all but guarantee that your message is seen by conference attendees.

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September 25, 2016occbf
30,000 attendance
Families including
Kids age 4-Teen
Packages start $1,500
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November 5, 2016Logo ASCEND Green[1]
500+ attendance
Women in leadership
Packages start $1,500
A la carte $375
See speakers
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Thelma Wells presentsThelma Wells' Generation Love Conferences for Christian Women
2016-2017 events
4 dates confirmed
10-12 dates planned
Women & families
Moms, girls, grandmas
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We are here for one purpose: to serve marketers like you by connecting you to the Christian audiences you desire to reach, and to do so in creative (and most importantly) effective ways, like the things you just read about in this newsletter.

Let’s create engagement together!

Scott A. Shuford
Chief Engagement Officer

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