CCCU Logo for Christian Marketing Case StudyChristian Community Credit Union (CCCU) is a financial institution founded on Christian principles. The credit union aims to provide ethical and responsible financial solutions by offering products such as savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment services, all tailored to meet the needs of its community. Beyond just banking, CCCU also supports various missions and ministry projects, reflecting its commitment to faith-based service.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote Christian Community Credit Union through various marketing tactics, including a billboard marketing campaign and the following campaigns leveraging our Christian Moms Blog and our Social Posts Package.


Christian Community Credit Union aims to connect with individuals, families, and ministries who align with Christian values and seek ethical, faith-based financial services. Therefore, our marketing campaign targeted Christian moms, as well as adults who value trustworthiness, community support, and financial products that reflect their beliefs and contribute to the well-being of their community.


Christian Moms Blog (CMB) features articles on a variety of topics of interest to moms, including spirituality, family life, and personal growth, all from a Christian perspective. The marketing package for CCCU to promote their brand on CMB included the following:

  • Native Blog Post: CCCU wrote a blog post relevant to the Christian Moms Blog audience, and we published it with a backlink to their site. 
  • Weekly Newsletter Feature: The blog post was featured in one of CMB’s newsletters, which goes out to all subscribers. 
  • Dedicated Email Ad: We sent a dedicated email ad to all our Christian moms with information about CCCU that included their HTML, subject line, and link.
  • Social Post: The blog post was featured on CMB’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

We also deployed our Social Posts Package to increase brand awareness and engagement by promoting a giveaway as a lead magnet. The promotion was to become a member of the Christian Community Credit Union and receive a free copy of “Trusted” to help parents raise their kids in Biblical stewardship. This giveaway was promoted via email to FrontGate’s Christian Giveaways List and on social media.


Both campaigns were highly successful, generating 170,000+ impressions, over 15,000 engagements, and 3,000 clicks

Christian Moms Blog Results


  • Audience: 31,201
  • Impressions: 34,915
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares): 7,379
  • Link Clicks: 737

Blog Post:

  • Visits: 642

Feature in Newsletter:

  • Sent: 8,976
  • Opens: 3,053 (34.01%)
  • Clicks: 58 (1.90%)

Dedicated Email Ad:

  • Sent: 9,225
  • Opens: 2,719 (29.47%)
  • Clicks: 37 (1.36%)

Social Media Post:

  • Followers: 13,000
  • Reach: 27,880
  • Engagement: 822
  • Link Clicks: 599

Social Posts Package Results


  • Audience: 155,000
  • Impressions: 135,900
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares): 8,085
  • Website Clicks: 2,311

Featured Email:

  • Sent: 12,016
  • Opens: 2,674 (22.25%)
  • Clicks: 63 (2.36%)

Social Media Posts:

  • Christian Family:
    • Followers: 15,000
    • Reach: 30,991
    • Engagement: 654
    • Link Clicks: 527
  • Christian Moms:
    • Followers: 13,000
    • Reach: 41,908
    • Engagement: 906
    • Link Clicks: 694
  • Sacred Scripture:
    • Followers: 67,000
    • Reach: 21,677
    • Engagement: 617
    • Link Clicks: 310
  • Do You Love Jesus?:
    • Followers: 49,000
    • Reach: 38,618
    • Engagement: 923
    • Link Clicks: 717

One goal of this campaign was to increase Christian Community Credit Union’s brand awareness. The 170,000+ impressions highlight that we accomplished this effectively. Another goal was for audiences to take action and engage further with CCCU. With over 3,000 clicks to the various campaign assets, we can confidently say that we accomplished this as well. 

Do you have big goals for your faith-based business or organization? Get in touch to learn how FrontGate Media can provide tailored marketing strategies, amplify your brand visibility, and foster meaningful engagement with the Christian audience.