Logo Design Process for Russ Cohen

Russell Cohen is a dedicated public policy advocate and thought leader in America. While he isn’t currently running for public office, Cohen is focused on building his brand, Have Faith in America, as a platform to educate and engage Americans on critical issues surrounding our government, as well as promote his upcoming book and other community, state, and national support activities. 

FrontGate Media has been working with Cohen on the Have Faith in America brand since early 2022. We began our brand development campaign by designing and producing a logo for Have Faith in America. You can review our in-depth logo design process, which included just two rounds of edits before landing on the final product.  

In 2023, we’ve continued our work with Cohen to increase awareness of Have Faith in America. These efforts include a monthly email newsletter, weekly social media posts, website content, and an upcoming video production.

Communications Strategy for Have Faith in America

Our communications strategy aims to increase awareness by engaging internal and external audiences. By publishing new content monthly, Cohen stays relevant and front of mind, bringing his new ideas and innovative solutions to the table.

Email Newsletter

Every month, we send an email newsletter to the Have Faith in America audience that highlights helpful information and commentary from Cohen. For example, a recent newsletter starts by sharing:

“Looking at all sides of an issue is essential to bringing unity, prosperity, and strength to our country. Choosing a side and sticking with it may be tempting, but that is not always best for our great nation. Here are a few key reasons why it’s essential to consider all perspectives when exploring a topic.”

Russel Cohen Have Faith in America Email Newsletter

Social Media Posts

Because social media is one of the best places to reach and engage his target audiences, we design posts, write captions, and publish content weekly for Have Faith in America. Again, the goal is to increase brand awareness and grow Cohen’s following by sharing his personal, helpful, informative, and unique content relevant to the broad faith and political communities. We post content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gab (the alternative platform to Facebook).

Website Development

While the Have Faith in America logo was the start of our brand development campaign, it wasn’t the end. After solidifying a logo to anchor the brand, we designed and built Cohen’s website to reflect his personal brand identity and provide a place for more people to learn about his political views, projects, and passions. 

Russel Cohen Have Faith in America Website

Articles & Commentary 

Lastly, we write and publish SEO-optimized commentary and articles on the Have Faith in America blog to round out the communications strategy. These articles are designed to educate readers on Cohen’s political views and inspire debate and discussion about the best way to move forward in America.

Do You Need a Christian Communications Strategy? We Can Help!

Staying engaged with your audience is essential. And the best way to stay consistent and connected is with a monthly communications strategy that reaches people on various platforms. Do you need help staying relevant and increasing brand awareness? FrontGate Media is your gateway to the Faith and Family audience. Our creative team is highly skilled in brand design and communications, putting you front and center. Contact us today to learn more about our brand development and communications strategy services for Christian brands!