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THURSDAY (5/20) – The Christian Comic Arts Society presents writer & publisher Mario DeMatteo for a livestream interview and discussion about how using comic book stories as a creative way to communicate truth.

Mario DeMatteo is writer & publisher of comic books such as Paul the Apostle and Peter the Apostle Graphic Story Bibles which tell Scriptural stories in fun, science-fiction inspired settings. He is the Founder of Bear Truth Media, a family-owned Christian comic book ministry helping families find trustworthy Christian comic books & graphic novels to inspire kids to read the Bible and follow Jesus.  You can find more of Mario’ work on his site at


Our livestream starts Thursday, May 20th (5/20) at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern.



05/27   Let’s Talk About The Falcon & The Winter Soldier!
(Note: this stream will start one hour later at 7pm Pacific.)

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