FrontGate Moving Pictures’ 4-time Emmy Award-winner Steph Carse produced a wonderful holiday film, “True Miracle of Christmas” –– a beautifully crafted movie that captures the essence of the festive season through the lens of a loving couple, portrayed by the talented Steph and his wife Natasha. The film’s narrative structure is designed to take the audience on an emotional journey as it explores the deep bond between a couple and their connection to the spirit of Christmas. We are shopping the project now for a 2024 release. 

Watch the trailer below:

“True Miracle of Christmas” intertwines the timeless tale of the miracle of Jesus Christ. This element of the story is conveyed through a series of heartfelt narratives and soul-stirring songs, adding a layer of depth and spirituality to the film. The depiction of the miracle of Jesus, combined with the couple’s story, instills a sense of hope and faith, reminding viewers of the true essence of Christmas–love, compassion, and miracles.

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