Holy Pals

Holy Pals is a Christian clothing brand dedicated to designing family pajamas and shorts sets that are both comfortable and deeply meaningful. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, they focus on creating 100% cotton Christian children’s pajamas. Their mission is to help children feel closer to Christ and assist parents in teaching their children about faith. Each product features beautifully designed, high-quality prints of favorite Bible stories, making bedtime a fun and educational experience. The brand is also committed to charity work, providing cozy pajamas to kids in need. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or any other day, Holy Pals aims to wrap kids in the Word of God.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote an end-of-year Christmas campaign for Holy Pals through our proprietary Christian Women Bloggers and Christian Influencer Group

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign was Christian parents and grandparents with young children, keeping in mind that Holy Pals makes children’s PJ sizes from newborn to kids’ 14 (along with matching adult sets).


The Holy Pals end-of-year Christian campaign utilized our Christian Women Bloggers and Christian Influencer Group by partnering with bloggers and influencers with large audiences of Christian parents. The bloggers and influencers were provided a free pair of matching Christmas PJs for themselves and their children. They were then asked to promote the pajamas on their respective platforms. 

The bloggers wrote in-depth reviews on their websites and posted those reviews on their social pages, and the influencers used Instagram Posts, Stories, and Reels to showcase their matching Holy Pals pajamas. Both groups were given a unique promo code for 10% off to share with their followers. They also promoted a Holy Pals giveaway, offering their readers a chance to win a free pair of Holy Pals pajamas!


The Holy Pals end-of-year Christmas campaign reached over 1,000,000 people, generating 760 clicks and 990 email leads, which the company can use to further promote its products to an interested audience.

Christian Blogger Campaign

  • Bloggers who reviewed the product line: 22
  • Impressions: 552,886
  • Social Reactions (likes, comments, saves, etc.): 7,878
  • Email Leads: 990
  • Website Clicks: 760

The bloggers provided the following benefits:

Real Talk: The bloggers gave honest and genuine reviews of the Holy Pals products, sharing their own experiences and thoughts. Their readers trust their reviews because they aren’t influenced by big corporations or ads.

Finding Your Tribe: Our Christian bloggers have loyal followers who trust their opinions and look to them for recommendations. When a client teams up with bloggers in specific niches like ours, we reach a targeted audience who will likely be interested in their product.

Spreading the Word: Popular bloggers have a significant online presence and influence. When they review our client’s product, their followers pay attention, which boosts the client’s visibility and increased sales from the reviews and the email leads we provided. 

Join the Conversation: Blogs create a space for readers to directly interact with bloggers through comments, shares, and discussions. This helps people feel a sense of community and provides valuable feedback and conversations about client products.

Rocking the Search Results: Bloggers have well-established websites that rank high in search engine results. When bloggers review a product and link back to the client’s website, it helps improve the client’s SEO and drives more traffic to their site. 

Christian Influencer Campaign

  • Influencers: 26
  • Impressions: 463,105
  • Social Reactions (likes, comments, saves, etc.): 28,719

Our influencer group provided 5 key benefits:

Faith-based Connection: Our Christian influencers have a strong connection with their audience through shared beliefs and values. When we promote our client’s product through these influencers, it allows the client to tap into a community of like-minded individuals who are very likely to resonate with their faith-based brand.

Trust and Authenticity: These Christian influencers are trusted voices within their community. Their recommendations carry weight and authenticity as they prioritize integrity and align their endorsements with their faith and values.

Targeted Reach: By collaborating with our Christian influencers, we were able to target a specific audience of Christian consumers who are interested in products that align with their faith. This targeted approach ensures Holy Pal’s message reached the right people who are more likely to engage with their brand.

Engagement and Relationship Building: Our Christian influencers foster a sense of community and interaction with their followers. Through their platforms, they encourage conversations, prayer requests, and discussions related to faith and relevant topics. This allows our clients to build deeper relationships with their target audience.

Positive Brand Association: Associating the Holy Pals brand with Christian influencers created a positive brand association in the minds of their followers. This enhanced the client’s reputation and increased trust among Christian consumers, which leads to long-term customer loyalty.

By using our Christian Women Bloggers for reviews and our Christian Influencer Group, we were able to reach Christian parents on social media and across various web domains. The discount code and giveaway campaigns further increased engagement for Holy Pals, boosting brand awareness and sales around Christmastime and beyond.

Do you have a faith-based product, service, or opportunity you want to promote to the Christian audience? Our Christian Bloggers and Influencers are available to you! By leveraging our proven relationships with bloggers and influencers, you can reach your target audience and generate brand awareness, engagement, and sales for your upcoming product launch, service offer, or giving opportunity. Contact us today to get started