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Christian Authors Network Announces Open Membership Application Period 

Media Contact 


Carol McAdams Moore

CAN President 

Angela Breidenbach

O‟Fallon, IL—Christian Authors Network (CAN) will receive membership applications throughout the months of July and August. Membership requirements include a minimum of two books published by a traditional, royalty-paying Christian publisher and an application review by the organization’s board. Upon acceptance, members pay a registration fee of $50 and annual dues for subsequent years. 

Christian Authors Network, a marketing cooperative, was founded in 2005 and currently serves retailers and librarians nationally with professional, traditionally published experts through online, in person, and print resources. 

Opportunities for CAN Members 

  • Representation at Industry Events 
  • Cutting-edge Ideas to Keep Authors in View of Retailers, Librarians, Retailers 
  • CAN Speakers Bureau – The Christian Authors Network promotes author members via the CAN Speakers Bureau, a resource of expert speakers available in person or via online connections such as Skype or Google Hangout. 
  • CAN Author Feature Pages – Author members have their own feature page on the CAN website. 
  • CAN Blog – Each weekday, the Christian Authors Network offers resources for 
  • readers, retailers, librarians, and authors on the CAN blog. On Tuesday, the blog 
  • focuses on New Releases, and on Thursday, the blog presents CAN Member Profiles. 
  • CAN Connections via Content – CAN members have opportunities to contribute to online and print magazines, kid’s day programs, and summer reading programs, getting the word out on their books and making their names more visible to the reading community. 
  • CAN Bookmarks – New releases are highlighted on bookmarks made available to retailers and librarians. 

Award-winning Authors Reflect on CAN Membership 

Fiction author Lena Nelson Dooley comments, “Christian Author Network is worth 

every penny of the membership dues, multiplied many times over. CAN has a well-developed and executed plan to connect published authors with owners of bookstores. New ideas are often presented and developed. A very important organization to me.” 

Children‟s author Crystal Bowman says, “My first thought after joining CAN was “What took me so long!‟ Here’s what I love about CAN: 

·  I love being able to network with other authors. 

·  Through CAN I am given tons of opportunities to provide retailers with information about my books. 

·  I receive invitations to blog and use other forms of social media to connect with 

thousands of people who might not know of me or my books. 

·  I love the daily emails that keep me connected with other CAN authors. 

·  The CAN board is made up of selfless go-getters who let me know of any and every chance to promote my work. 

·  CAN members help each other out by sharing tips and pointers on anything and everything that has to do with writing, publishing and speaking. 

·  CAN members pray for each other. 

·  Being an author can be a lonely business. If you join CAN, you are never alone!” 

Bob Hostetler, author of nonfiction and fiction, remarks, “Being a CAN member has started conversations, ignited ideas, opened doors, and made a difference in my writing, publishing, and marketing efforts. It has presented so many opportunities I can’t keep up with them all. I’m glad I joined.”