Does anyone read direct emails anymore? ABSOLUTELY!

Direct email continues to be one of the most effective forms of engagement to the faith-based audience.

But it’s not just about sending out a pretty picture via email. In fact, sending out an email that is just a pretty picture actually decreases your response rate.  See why in our previous article about Christian advertising via direct email. When the ad content is curated correctly, it will help boost the number of clicks and reads that a direct email can generate. It can be difficult to find a good format for direct emails to consumers, but here are a few guidelines to keep in mind that may help streamline the process.

– Keep the graphics clean and relevant to the subject matter. Too many conflicting images and messages can make the reader feel confused, and can make it unclear what is being promoted. You want the reader to instantly understand the core message as they are scanning their inbox. KEEP IT SIMPLE

– Make sure your links are working, and are easily seen. Don’t try to hide or conceal links where readers will not be able to find them. Adding a simple box line around areas that are linked is a nice way to direct the reader’s eye to that spot.  TEST EVERY LINK, and if offering a promo code of any kind, do a live test using your code.

– Offer something that helps personalize it for the reader. Exclusive content, a coupon code, or something similar will help provide an incentive for the reader to stay engaged.  ENGAGE PERSONALLY.

Here is an example of a well done direct email ad from our friends at Zondervan:

Messiah: Origin

What works about this design: The fonts and graphics are clean, simple and are cohesive. The text to image ratio in the HTML file is right about at the minimum of 50/50.   The color scheme is warm and inviting, and the black accents make it easy to read. The links are outlined with a white border, and it is easy to understand the product that is being promoted. It follows a good Z pattern for advertising design Additionally, there is a direct benefit offer phrased as a call to action to to download a free chapter of the book, which is a nice touch, and gives the reader something that feels “exclusive”.

Finally, be sure to spend more time on your SUBJECT LINE than you spend on the look of your direct email ad.  If the subject line doesn’t get the subscriber to open and view your ad, then your perfect ad design has achieved nothing.

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