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CHRIS CARLISLE Honored at the Salute to Heroes Service Gala

Active Duty US Marine, Military Liaison, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs Facilitator and PTSD survivor awarded for his distinguished military service and his commitment to serving the needs of his fellow warriors post combat deployment. 
Serving California and their Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs work to reverse the staggering trends of suicide and divorce among active duty and veteran
military service members.

Los Angeles, CA – At the gala Salute to Heroes red-carpet event, Chris Carlisle, USMC 1st Sergeant and USMC Intern with Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, was honore d for his work serving the needs of his fellow serviceman who are struggling with re-integration due to the effects of combat.   Held at The Majestic Downtown in Los Angeles, the annual Salute to Heroes Gala is hosted by the National Foundation for Military Family Support (NFMFS), and honors the selfless work of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.  Also honored during the event were retired US Air Force Mortuary NCO Justin Jordan, and US Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, the SEAL Team Six Operative credited with killing Osama bin Laden.  The NFMFS is a non-profit organization created to help military members and their families meet specific urgent needs. 

Chris Carlisle and the Mighty Oaks Team at the Salute to Heroes Gala

Carlisle was honored specifically for his unwavering commitment to serving his fellow serviceman who are struggling with the effects of active combat and PTS.  In his acceptance speech, Carlisle told of his personal recovery that came through the spiritual training and support he received through the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs.  In this faith-based program, Carlisle and his family found hope and healing, and they are now dedicated to the needs of his fellow heroes.  During his deployments as an Infantryman in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Carlisle experienced multiple instances of trauma and injuries in combat that earned him a Bronze Star, as well as being honored as a two-time Purple Heart Recipient. 

Unfortunately, these experiences preceded an ensuing battle with PTSD that threatened his marriage and family life prior to his enrollment in Mighty Oak’s Fight Club program.  After attending this peer-to-peer program, Carlisle’s life changed, and he has a new purpose: to share the healing that he has not only personally experienced, but that he has seen replicated in the life of each warrior who has participated in the Fight Club program.

“I was extremely humbled to be honored at the Salute to Heroes Service Gala,” explains Carlisle. “After returning from combat deployments, service members face another fight, an invisible battlefield that seems to control and change everything you remembered to be true. The transition back to being a father, a husband, a son, a brother, and member of society is extreme and often more difficult than being in combat. You just don’t fit into the vacant place you left anymore. I am proud to continue this fight, walking alongside my brothers in arms, on this new front.”

Mighty Oaks Warrior Program is dedicated to meeting the needs of our active-duty military, veterans and their families who are suffering from the effects of PTS and combat trauma.  With an intensive peer-based program men, women, and couples, Mighty Oaks is committed to helping Warriors overcome their enduring hardship after service to America through instructional sessions, camaraderie, and team building activities, programs teach Warriors to overcome the past experience and move forward into a life of purpose.  The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs work on the frontlines to fight the staggering national statistics of 23 veteran suicides per day and the 80-90% divorce rate among deployed families.

Mighty Oaks is now launching local “Outposts” in several locations across the United States, where active duty military, veterans and Mighty Oaks alumni who are struggling with reintegration, PTS or combat trauma can come together weekly under the commitment that “No Man Fights Alone”.   Carlisle is active in the launch of the debut Outposts program, based in the San Diego area.

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About Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs are committed to serving the brokenhearted by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings, and speaking events. Our Fight Club and Marriage Advance Programs take place at SkyRose Ranch in Central California and run from four to seven days. The Warriors who attend are fully sponsored with all travel arrangements, meals, and lodging needs to ensure that upon arrival to the ranch, each Warrior is focused solely on their recovery and identifying purpose moving forward.

About Chris Carlisle

Chris Carlisle is currently an Active Duty US Marine on a full time internship with Mighty Oaks from the Marine Corps. He will retire from the Marine Corps with 20 years of honorable service next year, capping off two decades of multiple overseas and domestic deployments. He has been on assignments in Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq, San Diego, and has served in various leadership capacities, including Marine Corps Drill Instructor and as the Company First Sergeant training reserve Marines. While stationed abroad, Chris endured multiple instances of trauma and injury in combat; these experiences preceded an ensuing battle with PTSD that threatened his marriage and family life prior to his enrollment in Fight Club. It was this experience with the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, and the spiritual training he received there that led Chris and his family to where they are now – serving The Lord and their fellow Veterans in the work they do with Serving California’s Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. Personal awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart, with 1 Gold star in lieu of second award, Navy Commendation Medal, with Combat “V” for Valor, 2 Gold stars in lieu of third award, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, with Combat “V” for Valor, 2 Gold stars in lieu of third award.

About the National Foundation for Military Family Support

The National Foundation for Military Family Support (NFMFS) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit with the mission to support members of our nation’s armed forces and their families with immediate urgent needs.  Since its launch in 2013, the foundation has evolved from serving as a nexus between those in need and appropriate charities to helping directly provide a range of assistance and resources.  Among its current programs, the foundation works to secure free medical, dental and psychological care, employment assistance, and educational scholarship opportunities.  Its board includes professionals from entertainment, law enforcement, business and the military.

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Photo of the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs team at the Salute to Heroes Service Gala – from left to right:  Jeremy Stalnecker (Director of Veteran Affairs), Jonny Benton (Deputy Director of Veteran Affairs), Chad Robichaux (Vice President of Serving California over Veteran Affairs), Chris Carlisle (Program Facilitator), Branden Kunath (Senior Program facilitator) and Eric Wright (Outreach Manager)

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