Charisma News coverage of Dr. Niamh M. Middleton

Here is a timely op-ed from Dr. Niamh M. Middleton run by Charisma.

Dr. Niamh M. Middleton is a lecturer in moral and systematic theology at Dublin City University and is a leading authority in the study of human origins. Her new book, Homo Lapsus: Sin, Evolution, and the God who is Love, is described as a scholarly but accessible reconciliation of evolutionary thinking with Christian belief. Dr. Middleton lives in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, and is married to her teenage sweetheart.

This is a particularly interesting piece as it comes from her point of view in Ireland, a country that is ahead of the U.S. on the downside of the curve in the secularization of society.  Dr. Middleton is a client of our FrontGate where we are doing Christian author and book promotion through PR, and Social Advertising.  Her book is outstanding. You should check it out. 

One of Niamh’s interesting points includes, “This commercialization, along with the secularization of Irish society, brought about by EU membership and a backlash against the church due to the child abuse scandals, led in Ireland to an almost total elimination of the Christian dimension of Halloween. Attendance at church on All Hallows or All Souls is rare, and most Irish people would now consider the idea of souls being released from purgatory to be every bit as superstitious as the pagan beliefs of Halloween. In Ireland, it has reverted to a mainly pagan festival again, and is celebrated with great gusto.”

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Homo Lapsus: Sin, Evolution, and the God who is Love by Dr. Niamh M. Middleton