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What if our government could control religious conversation to the point that if you owned a for-profit business, any reference to Jesus Christ or God could be banned? Or worse, our government required you to violate your Christian principles because of laws that political leaders might pass?

That is what is at stake in a U.S. Supreme Court case that will be heard on March 25. These examples have already occurred. You may not favor Hobby Lobby or its subsidiary Mardel Christian stores, but a ruling against this privately held company could set a precedent for how you do business as a Christian-product provider.

I believe CBA exists for such a time as this…

CBA is standing up for religious liberty so your for-profit business may continue to enjoy First Amendment rights now guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. CBA is the lead petitioner on a “friend of the court” brief that was submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court last week in support of the case against Hobby Lobby and Mardel. The Court also will hear simultaneously a case filed by Conestoga Wood Specialties, owned by a Mennonite family. The cases focus on the company owners’ pro-life stand against having to pay for “morning after” and “week after” birth-control drugs as required in the Affordable Care Act. These cases are about much more than birth control or pro-life values. If these companies lose, your freedom to operate your business under First Amendment protections could disappear.

CBA has joined with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and Michael McConnell of Kirkland & Ellis LLP, one of the nation’s top constitutional lawyers, to help inform the Supreme Court’s judges about the threat this case has to religious liberty. The brief argues that businesses have long been protected since before the founding of the nation, and forcing a company to violate religious principles would destroy constitutionally guaranteed protections.

CBA is working to support you and your ability to provide the broadest distribution possible of Christ-honoring products. We thank you for your membership and support for such a time as this.

Grace and Peace,

Curtis Riskey

Please see the actual brief that was filed for CBA –

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