Word Entertainment LogoWord Entertainment is one of the leading players in the Christian entertainment industry. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Word Entertainment is a Warner/Curb company, and offers multiple services beyond the movie industry including in music, merchandise, booking, and publishing, among others. They are also home to 25 Entertainment, Word Print, Word Music Publishing, and Word Records. Their multi-faceted approach to all aspects of the entertainment world has made them a successful and respected brand.

Why They Engaged FrontGate

Word Entertainment approached FrontGate Media to help them connect to the faith-based film audience, seeking a very targeted marketing approach for their new film, “Rumors of War”, which was set for a limited release in select theaters. Having had past success with FrontGate’s targeted email campaigns, they were looking for very focused marketing options that would maximize their reach for this limited theatrical release and budget.

Target Audience

FrontGate and Word worked together to narrow the target audience for this campaign based on those with the highest probability of going to see the film. The campaign audience was limited to Christians age 25 or older, who are active entertainment consumers, within a reasonable driving radius of the theatrical locations in the 5 cities targeted for this limited release.

Campaign Details

A series of targeted emails were sent on May 2, 2014, to 5 select markets which included cities such as Nashville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. As you can see from the data below, this targeted audience yielded high and very high open rates, as high as 18%+, while clickthrus were also outstanding, including one breakout market with a 19% CTR!


Phoenix: 3279 sent, 14% Open Rate and 5.45% CTR

Atlanta: 5227 sent, 13.07% Open Rate and 3.81% CTR

Jackson: 1997 sent, 18.48% Open Rate and 6.23% CTR

Nashville: 2347 sent, 16.28% Open Rate and 6.02% CTR

Texarkana: 675 sent, 18.52% Open Rate and 19.20% CTR