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Berglund & Johnson is a faith-principled law firm located in Southern California. Their team consists of five attorneys who successfully represent clients in a variety of legal cases from auto accidents to elder abuse to work injuries and more.

Campaign Details

FrontGate Media was hired to brand Berglund & Johnson in their geographic region for the 2020 year and is now ongoing. The main goal was to increase brand awareness and engagement on social media platforms. To do this, FrontGate ran social media ad campaigns that targeted potential clients within a 50-mile radius of multiple Berglund & Johnson office locations. 

By using social marketing for branding purposes throughout the entirety of 2020, Berglund & Johnson saw tremendous growth in both brand awareness as well as engagement on social media platforms, their website, and through direct calls. 

Target Audience

FrontGate Media effectively targeted Berglund & Johnson’s ideal audience––people who live within a 50-mile radius of their physical office locations in Southern California.


The results of this social marketing and branding campaign were significant:

  • Impressions in 2020: 5,295,134
  • Target People Reached: 979,720
  • Post Saves (with an intent to engage later): 251
  • Post Engagement: 41,703
  • Clicks to Website: 23,966

These numbers reflect the value and importance of running long-term social media ad campaigns to effectively reach and engage a target audience. With over 5 million impressions in 2020–– the COVID year that dramatically decreased people’s traditional media, work and travel consumption––Berglund & Johnson was able to reach nearly 1 million people in their desired locations. 

Not only was the brand awareness goal achieved but so was brand engagement with over 250 post saves signaling potential future business and 41,703 interactive engagements. Not to mention, nearly 24,000 viewers took action and directly visited the Berglund & Johnson website. Additional campaign results were generated via a noticeable increase in calls to the firm’s 1-800 number. 

Using Social Marketing for Branding

The Berglund & Johnson social marketing campaign for branding generated quality impressions and engagement over the course of the entire year. Not only was the firm’s main goal for 2020 accomplished, but this new impact offset the unexpected loss in exposure in other more traditional advertising. The results reinforced the value of having a long-term marketing strategy in place. From this successful branding campaign, Berglund & Johnson has expanded their work with FrontGate to accomplish even more in 2021.