The Freedom Kids is a faith-based, transformational institution, promoting freedom, liberty, morals and ethics through enlightenment and entertainment.  They focus on core values, seeking to evoke the principles of individualism, Judeo-Christian values, and the ideas embraced during the American Founding. The Freedom Kids is an organization that seeks to educate, enlighten, and empower children in the battle for their future.

“The Freedom Kids envisions a time when we as citizens of the United States of America can learn our true history. We predict a day when moms and dads across this great country seek out organizations like ours, instead of remaining in failing schools, to provide their families with accurate history that fuses entertainment and enlightenment. We can only imagine the moment that kids everywhere, from California to New York, stand up on their own and demand this material”

Why They Engaged FrontGate:

The Freedom Kids came to FrontGate to build a social presence outside of Facebook, specifically on Pinterest. Because it is one of the newest social platforms, The Freedom Kids was interested in the 70 million users on Pinterest, but was unsure how to translate their history-based content to a social medium made up of 80% women between 25-54. Our main focus was building a presence on Pinterest while creating content and monitoring Twitter and Google+.

Target Audience:

The Pinterest audience gears heavily to adult women. In contrast, The Freedom Kids’ audience on Facebook was well over 50% male which meant the content being created was geared towards men. We began to work with The Freedom Kids to determine how to best represent their brand to this new Pinterest audience. After talking with the client about the fundamentals for their brand, and researching similar topics across entertainment, we were able to create a engaging Pinterest profile that was true to The Freedom Kids and also spoke to adult women. 

Campaign Details & Results:

Pinterest: We built several boards, and began a profile from scratch. Some of our boards included Because of the Brave, We Live in the U.S. Of A., and Vintage Photography. We sought to gain followers, create engaging and curated content, and increase impressions/repins.  Through 12 weeks, we gained  75 new followers, had over 400 total repins which were seen by about 206 people daily. The profile is seen by 118 people daily. The top three boards (Because of the Brave, We Live in the U.S. Of A., and Vintage Photography) have seen the highest number of repins with 60 repins per month on average with over 6,000 impressions a month in the Pinterest environment.

Twitter:  We ran ads to increase our Twitter followers during a single month in order to measure response and create a metric for possible future Twitter advertising. The best response came from targeting people who have decided to follow similar pages and formatting tweets specific to them.  With this short test campaign on a meager budget, we have seen the Twitter presence grow from 9 followers to 97 followers while our retweet reach exploded to 30,522 people.  This demonstrated a very affordable metric for growth, while achieving a real surge in retweet activity.

Google+:  After building the Google+ platform, we regularly populated the stream. As is common with Google+, we did not see much interaction within the page. The core value has been its contribution to the optimization of search rankings through the posting of regular and varied content, editing the profile to include the website link, and imputing basic information. We also used hashtags and keywords to help boost The Freedom Kids’ SEO.

Our report included recommendations on ways to fan the flames of this initial social media content development and growth test, as well as social marketing suggestions for partnerships and expanded campaigns with new ideas to grow reach and engagement.


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