pureHOPE is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide Christian solutions in today’s sexualized culture. pureHOPE equips individuals, families, and churches to pursue sexual purity and oppose sexual exploitation.

Each year, pureHOPE offers a compelling summer internship designed to train a team of undergraduate students who are passionate and active in opposition to one of the great evils of our day – sex trafficking.

It is estimated that as many as 300,000 children in America are victims of sex trafficking each year. The organization welcomes applications from Christian students from all educational focuses who desire the opportunity to spend a summer understanding the connections between trafficking, porn, our sexualized culture, and what it means to pursue a lifestyle of justice.

This year, pureHOPE partnered with FrontGate Media to expand their reach of applicants.

Why pureHOPE Used FrontGate Media

“We engaged FrontGate to promote our justice internship, which trains college students as effective anti-trafficking activists and advocates for justice and purity. Not only did FrontGate deliver audience and increase our visibility now, they personally reached out to their nationwide network to help us cultivate partnerships that will advance our mission for years into the future. When you engage FrontGate Media, they become more than just an extension of your team, they become friends and co-laborers who go the extra mile.”
–  Noel Bouché, President of pureHOPE

Target Audience

The target audience for internship applicants was college students interested in social justice causes and looking for an internship where they can be a part of an organization combating the sex trade.


pureHOPE’s biggest challenge was the means to reach college students nationwide who might be interested in applying for their summer internship. By partnering with FrontGate Media, they had access to personal contacts at colleges around the country and media outlets with an interest in social justice issues, expanding their reach and brand awareness.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

Through the partnership with pureHOPE, FrontGate serviced a press release promoting the internship as well as a video via PRWEB. In addition, a personal email was serviced to key contacts on FrontGate’s Christian colleges  list. Colleges all around the country responded back with interest that was followed up by the internship director at pureHOPE.  For many colleges, this was the first time they had connected with the ministry.


pureHOPE narrowed the submissions received to 20 internship applications from very qualified candidates enabling pureHOPE to not only fill all the available positions, but because of the quality of the applicants, they were able to expand to five paid interns this year instead of the four they have trained in past years. Their interns hail from universities spanning the U.S., including University of Michigan, Southeastern Oklahoma State, Oklahoma State, Taylor University and University of Virginia.

“Our partnership with FrontGate Media exceeded our expectations. They went the extra mile to promote our internship and opened doors for us with so many universities that we could not have reached on our own,” says pureHOPE Director of Communications Michelle Ashley. “Our anti-trafficking internship is a very unique opportunity and requires students that are passionate about this work. FrontGate Media’s excellent work on our behalf helped us connect with these students. We couldn’t be happier about our experience with them and the results achieved.”

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