Project Inspired
Project Inspired is an online magazine written by former fashion model Nicole Weider, who believes it’s time for a Hollywood voice to take the best interests of young women to heart. From relationship and style advice to inspirational quotes, to a real look at celebrities in the media, Nicole draws from her own experiences to make the message clear to young women: Be a person of value and confidence – be your own best self – through leading a true Christian life. Need a good place to start?

Why Project Inspired Uses FrontGate Media

“FrontGate Media has helped us to successfully fulfill our passions and create relationships with young women in the hopes of inspiring them – with spirituality, truth and fun — so they may live their best lives.  The incredible amount of PR we received has positively impacted what we are able to provide our readers, thereby creating a pathway for our readers to enjoy their lives.”
– Nicole Weider, Founder of

Target Audience

As a fresh guide to being yourself, Project Inspired reaches out to teen girls and their mothers through an online magazine and events.


The challenge in reaching this diverse audience is two-fold.  First, teen girls are using the Internet at a highly accelerated rate versus their mothers. Second, the places the two groups of people visit on the Internet are in many ways 180 degrees opposite from each other.  The main challenge presented what therefore how to reach these two groups with similar information at the same time so they could better connect with each other and take action in the context of Project Inspired.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

FrontGate Media created a three-tier press and media release campaign to highlight Project Inspired at the national, regional and local levels to both Christian and general market media.  The releases were sent  to over 2000 targeted media outlets from the national press, Christian press, regional, local and even individual Denominational press.    The three core areas for press releases were:  1. Announcing Project Inspired, 2. Imaging Nicole, the creator of Project Inspired, and 3. Engaging for the Anti-Cosmo campaign drawing attention to so-called teen and women magazines that are pushing their most harmful content toward teens in the move to generate ad dollars over true and helpful content for their readers.


The results have been phenomenal thus far.  The campaign has been covered in over 100 media outlets including FOX News, CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, CBN News and the New York Observer.  We have generated a 78% increase in email subscribers and an increase of 55% in web visits since the campaign inception.

Susan Gates, Partner at Mind Over Media, feels that, “The PR Campaign from FrontGate Media has put Project Inspired on the map and allowed us to create significant, national awareness for our company and for the issues that face today’s teen girls and their mothers.”

The campaign beat the odds in getting coverage from nearly all genres and styles of media.  From the conservative talk radio of In the Market with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio Network to the teen Christian talk show Top 3 on the JCTV network, from women’s magazines like Life:Beautiful to the pop culture coverage by gmc (formerly Gospel Music Channel,) from the rock n’ roll lifestyle of HM Magazine to the core church attendees of Charisma… the Project Inspired PR Campaign truly reached nearly every aspect of Christian culture, along with significant mainstream media success.

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