Prayer BowlsPrayerBowls is a ministry and online retail store that began with one woman’s illness. Karen found herself extremely sick a few years ago,and she began to experience healing due to prayers from friends, family, and even people she’d never met. She developed PrayerBowls after one woman shared her story about how she intentionally prayed for needs in her church and community. Karen decided to make the concept of PrayerBowls a tangible one.  Her primary goal was to increase the amount of intentional prayer, by creating a special “bowl” and prayer cards to write down needs of those in need of prayer.

Why They Engaged FrontGate
The PrayerBowls company contacted FrontGate when they were searching for a way to enhance their social media and marketing presence. They wanted a company who would understand their faith-based market, and who had a proven track record of helping reach and reel in target audiences in the faith-based audience. FrontGate has been helping clients increase their platforms through social media since 2007.  Since their primary audience was women (see below), they also were comfortable with the fact that FrontGate has successfully helped companies that target a largely female audience, such as Sonoma Christian Home and Project Inspired.

Target Audience
The company wanted to connect with spiritually mature women who would see the Prayer Bowl as a way to take their prayer life to another, deeper level.

“So many times we hear of a prayer request at church, Bible study, or even through email, and we pray for that person at that time. Often, we quickly forget to offer a prayer again while we shuffle back into our daily routine, but God tells us to pray continuously. So, simply place your prayer bowl where you sit daily, and jot down the names of those whom you’re praying for on a slip of paper. Then, each day, alone or with your family, lift up those friends in need to the Lord.”

Campaign Details
After strategic discussions with the company, FrontGate decided to focus on growing their Facebook audience through images and text content creation that would appeal to the target audience, and several different Facebook ads to reel in their core demographic. Before the start of the campaign (before Mother’s Day), the company had zero sales the debut week, and 50 Facebook fans.  The initial campaign goal was to grow the page likes, and to promote sales of the product itself, the physical PrayerBowl.


  • During Mother’s Day week we generated 150+ bowls sold.
  • Their Following grew from 50 fans to over 8,000 in less than 60 days.
  • We generated a 1000% increase in engagement with the brand via comments, likes and sharing of our posts created for them on Facebook.
  • …and still growing with 15,811 likes  and 6,399 talking about this as of today’s posting of this case study.

During the campaign, the client quickly saw results, and was excited to share with us about things like, “Yesterday we received 76 likes and 18 shares.  We were not getting shares at all.  Whatever you all are doing, keep doing it.” – Tom B. @ 

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