Owlegories CampaignIn this digital age, parents and grandparents are becoming more proactive about the entertainment their children see. Smartphones and tablets have made it easier and easier to access a multitude of shows, which makes quality videos even more important! Owlegories is poised to fill the need for fun, entertaining, and age-appropriate Christian content.

The series is aimed at young children, and is firmly centered on Scripture and learning. Each episode has a different theme about God’s creation and the attributes of God, and is accompanied by special messages from guests like Jen Wilkin, Matt Chandler, and more. The company has also created an “Owlegories TV” app for the smartphone or tablet that allows children to navigate and watch episodes without ads or other inappropriate content. You can find out more about their quality animation HERE.

About the campaign:

The team behind Owlegories reached out to FrontGate to secure more sales by growing awareness and increasing their audience. They also hoped to expand their reach across multiple social media platforms, and generate more email leads. The target audience for this campaign were Christian moms and their young children. FrontGate utilized our Blogger Network, which is comprised almost entirely of moms with children, to review the DVD’s and episodes. The bloggers created social media posts along with blog posts and giveaways to their readers.


  • 14 Key Bloggers Promoted the Campaign
  • Campaign impressions were more than 447,724
  • Blog Impressions: 159,020
  • Social Impressions: 288,704
  • Email Leads: 234

The fourteen bloggers that promoted this campaign all created engaging posts, urging their audience to find out more about this excellent series. Some of their social posts are below:

Owlegories Social Media Posts

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