Media Campaign

The Matthew 5:9 Pledge springs from a network of Christian leaders shepherding their communities to live out the Gospel and place their identity in Christ above partisanship and societal divisions. In this time of great division, the Matthew 5:9 fellowship connects leaders grappling with division in the U.S. and supports them to speak and act effectively. The goal is to build a future in which all human beings are treated as image-bearers of God regardless of earthly divisions.

Campaign Details

FrontGate was approached by the client in early October 2020 with a rush project. Over the weekend, we were hired to create and place a media campaign to reach voters and church leaders before the Presidential election on November 3rd. The timeline was extremely short:

October 2-5           Proposal Submission / Agreement

October 6-9           Plan Development

October 9-15         Creative Asset Development and Delivery

October 19-Nov 3 Campaign Monitoring and Adjustments

November 3          Targeted End of Media Placements

Rabbit, Meet Hat. 

Based on the tight turnaround time and limited media availability during this heavy election season, FrontGate focused on primarily social marketing, digital media outlets, and digital media from radio outlets. 

In a short yet significant amount of time, FrontGate designed all digital and social creative, navigated a name change for the initiative, and refined various video elements for the media campaign.  

Media Campaign

Target Audience

FrontGate Media effectively targeted Matthew 5:9’s ideal audience for this campaign, which included a combination of likely U.S. voters and church leaders. 


 The media buy campaign effectively reached and engaged millions of people:

  • Final Impressions Contracted: 6,878,642
  • Final Impressions Served: 7,616,338  
  • Overdelivery of Approximately 738,000 Impressions (resulting in a savings of over $4,500)

Media Campaign Engagement Breakdown

  • Banners Click-Through Rate: 0.16% 
  • Emails Click-Through Rate 2.45% 
  • Emails Open-Rate: 25.08%

To achieve these outstanding results, FrontGate effectively secured media buy placements with Salem Web Network, CBN, Pastor Resources, GOD TV, Outreach, and NewReleaseToday. 

Within these networks, approximately 750,000 additional value and earned media views were secured. This included additional ad impressions, article posts on and, and social posts on the GOD TV, Outreach, and NewReleaseToday social pages. Together, this created an effective outreach across a variety of digital, email and social assets. 

Media Campaign

Article Placement – Earned Media Example

Launch a Media Campaign with FrontGate

At FrontGate Media, we put our clients first. We proactively do what it takes for them to achieve the best possible results based on the media environment at the time. For the Matthew 5:9 media buy campaign this included doing more than creating a placement plan in a limited availability period, It also included renegotiating the Salem placements to shift and reallocate to premium Marque placement, as well as designing a second set of creative elements at no additional cost.

Overall, through this media buy campaign, the Matthew 5:9 Fellowship was able to reach its target audience and engage new participants in their call for Biblical peacemaking. 

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