mightyoaksThe Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs is described on their website as a program that “operates on a standing commitment to aid those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress with a specific calling to assist America’s active duty service members, veterans, and their families. We reach out to communities across our Nation and communicate directly with the United States Armed Forces to ensure that our women and men of courage receive the opportunity to participate in our Fight Club, family camp, marriage retreats, and vocational programs. The Fight Club program has been in operation for three years and we are proud to say that we have not lost one of our Fight Club Alumni to the horrific national veteran suicide statistic of 23 per day” (source).

Why They Engaged FrontGate:
This important organization needed a larger platform to raise awareness of their veteran-specific programs and successes. With FrontGate’s expertise in working faith-based organizations to both the Christian and secular markets through extensive connections and resources provided to media outlets, the project was not only a right fit for both organizations but a passion fit as well.

Target Audience:
The campaign executed by FrontGate’s PR team was directed at reaching members of the military and their families (who might be directly helped by the organization), members of Conservative and Christian media (who could help promote the programs), and Christian churches, pastors and leadership who could include the programs in their resources for families.

Campaign Details:
The campaign was conducted through a series targeted press releases, both national and regional, as well as interview pitching. Over the course of thirteen strategic releases, we promoted the unmatched success level achieved by their programs, their speaking engagements at events across the country, and their expertise on Veterans issues.  Campaign touch points included:

Christian & Secular Media servicing and interview pitching.

Several local market pitches around the country in cities like Washington D.C., Oklahoma City, and others for events featuring Mighty Oaks speakers like Chad Robichaux (Medal of Valor recipient.)

Veteran’s Day branding & interview campaign.

Memorial Day branding & interview campaign. 

Media coverage yielded strong results, a partial list of which includes:

-American Family Radio
-Associated Press Radio
-Featured by the American Press Syndicated News
-The Catch Podcast with John Fisher
-Chosen Generation Radio Podcast
-Christian Beacon
-The Christian Post
-EdBoston Podcast “Still Doing the Right Thing”:
-Lori Twitchell Blog: “Praying for our Military”
-Simple Grace Magazine Article: March 2015
-Wallbuilders Interview: June 23, 2015
-The Williamson Source Interview
…and much more.

Most importantly, here’s what our client had to say:

“FrontGate has been a pleasure to work with. You took the time to understand who we are and the audience that we are trying to reach and then crafted a PR plan that fit us perfectly. I am confident that we would not have gained the same level of traction without FrontGate’s professional and conscientious approach to marketing.”
– Jeremy Stalnecker, Director, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

“Having FrontGate as a partner in our work has been an excellent experience. Helping us to spread the Veteran story and that of Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs has been key in growing our reach. Your team worked with us to develop a focused strategy that has reached our target audience in a very effective and impactful way. You’ve not been just our publicist, but a key member of our team.”
– Eric Wright, Outreach Manager, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

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