The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs is described on their website as a program that “operates on a standing commitment to aid those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress with a specific calling to assist America’s active duty service members, veterans, and their families. We reach out to communities across our Nation and communicate directly with the United States Armed Forces to ensure that our women and men of courage receive the opportunity to participate in our Fight Club, family camp, marriage retreats, and vocational programs. The Fight Club program has been in operation for three years and we are proud to say that we have not lost one of our Fight Club Alumni to the horrific national veteran suicide statistic of 23 per day” according to Serving California.  The organization works hard every day to support and reach veterans and their loved ones.

Campaign Details: The campaign centered around social media management, strategic social ad placement, and social media follower growth.

Target Audience: New and current social media followers interested in supporting veterans. Prospective donors and purchasers of publications, including books.

Results:  The extensive effort across social media platforms achieved over 30,000 new page likes that were then retargeted for site traffic, donations and book sales.  As page likes grew, so did social shares, expanding the organic audience that saw content from Mighty Oak Warrior Programs.  Donations and book sales increased as well as non-profit site traffic.

“We are honored to have FrontGate Media on our team again, this time with social media outreach. They understand our mission at Mighty Oaks while being diligent about the latest social media tools available for our outreach.  We know this will be a great partnership.”
– Chad RobichauxFounder and President, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

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