With our military engagements around the world, there have been more and more of our military returning home after their tours of duty having to cope with he difficult transition back to “normal” life at home with daily routines, a job, their spouse and children.  This is very challenging and can leave families and soldiers feeling isolated and alone. That’s where Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs have stepped in to help heal the emotional wounds of returning (and active) members of our military and their loved ones.

The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs began with WoodsEdge Community Church in Texas, as the local ministry of a family who wanted to help others in the same way that they had been helped in their fight against PTSD. They have expanded locations, but their vision remains the same: to assist our nation’s Warriors and families by challenging, equipping, and empowering them to spread that help to the sphere of influence God has given them. In their first five years, they have served with the utmost commitment and have not lost one alumni to suicide, and continue to work toward ending the horrific national veteran suicide statistic of 22 per day. Together, we can all strive toward the common goal of ending the war at home by finding a hope and a future, and by aligning with the very purpose for which God created us. The ministry will continue to lead others to rise from the ashes and become Mighty Oaks! (Source)

About the Campaign

After our PR work for the ministry, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs returned to us for assistance with their social media pages. They sought guidance and management for their social media content and digital communications and knew that FrontGate’s proven track record with social media management would be a great help. Specifically, they wanted to increase engagement and page likes on their Facebook page. Their Facebook page is integral to keeping people across the United States abreast of their upcoming events, news, and important resources that can be shared with relevant audiences. By increasing their reach, they can increase the number of families and members of the military that they can help.

The target of the campaign was to reach veterans and their families, as well as active members of the military with a secondary focus on those who have loved ones who are veterans, and other targeted categories of people who would support them. The campaign to earn more page “likes” ran from April 1 to May 31, 2017.

Campaign Details:

FrontGate Media created very targeted ads on Facebook leveraging several high-profile endorsers by highlighting the endorser and their shared values, then targeting people that followed these endorsers. The ads requested “likes” on the part of the target audience.  FrontGate served as the liaison to engage the endorsers, created all the advertising across several target audiences, managed a relatively modest ad budget, and measured all results.


The campaign increased their following by over 16,000 people, enabling the ministry to begin a deeper engagement process including offerings services and support, adding to their email newsletter subscribers, appealing for donations, and more.

Page Like Ad Endorser 1:  6967 New Page Likes

Page Like Ad Endorser 2:  5205 New Page Likes

Page Like Ad Endorser 3:  4386 New Page Likes

Total New Page Likes of target audience of conservative Christians that support veterans:  16,558
Mighty Oaks Warriors campaign social media Mighty Oaks Warriors campaign social media Mighty Oaks Warriors campaign social media

If you’re wondering how to achieve more “likes” on your Facebook page, we would love to guide your efforts to productive results,  just like the results from this campaign.  You can reach us today at 949-429-1000 or through our website.


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