Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.00.19 PMSubscription boxes claim a large corner of the online retail marketplace these days, with one of the pioneer boxes, Birchbox, claiming over 800,000 subscribers (source). Loved + Blessed® is one such service, mailing subscribers a beautiful, encouraging box of special products and decor. As their website states:

“We want all women to know they are loved+blessed®.  Sometimes in this crazy world we live in, we lose sight of that fact and let the things of this world get us down.  Our hope is that our monthly boxes will be a source of encouragement to each person who receives one.  And that you might be inspired to pass encouragement along to someone else. We pray that our products will serve as a reminder as you go about your busy life that you must fully rely on God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your steps towards contentment and a life full of joy.”

Best of all, part of their proceeds go toward the Union Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization helping the homeless population. The box is about much more than just products, but instead about an over-arching message of hope and love, while providing tangible assistance to people in need.

About the campaign:
Loved + Blessed hired FrontGate Media to create a promotion for their box product launch that would reach their core target audience of women, and to build their own in-house email list to create ongoing engagement with Christian women.  FrontGate’s launch and lead generation campaign included direct email advertising, blogger reviews, and social media posting.

For the email lead generation campaign, once the emails were collected, FrontGate also created a series of five strategic “drip” emails to establish a strong relationship with each new subscriber BEFORE moving them to the regular communication process via the Loved + Blessed email newsletter list. FrontGate also worked in collaboration with Christian bloggers to spread the word about brands, as well as through organic social media content. This hybrid effort created a large and effective response.

Campaign Results:Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.48.05 PM

Emails: for the initial email, a total of 1,852 emails were sent to 354 subscribers, with 657 opens, an outstanding 35.5% open rate, and 52 clicks to the Loved + Blessed website (2.8% clickthrough).

Blogs and reviews: Our work with bloggers generated 100 reviews, creating 1,825,096 impressions from those blog posts. (See example of the blog posts at right).

The campaign also was successful on the social media side, with 308 social media posts generated from 244 active users, a reach of 2,661,854. See example of posts below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.46.06 PM

Overall, the initial campaign earned a total of 5,436,325 impressions from combined blogger outreach and social media posts, and generated a set of proven metrics for email, blog and social marketing for the client to continue forward in the ongoing campaign.

But our favorite result is this:

“We searched and searched for an agency that truly understood the Christian market and we were blessed to find FrontGate Media. They’ve shown a genuine care for helping us grow our business and have introduced us to opportunities that are a perfect fit for our brand. Our first project garnered over 5 million impressions and through multiple strategic event sponsorships we’ve been able to steadily grow our sales and introduce our products to women who otherwise would never have heard of us.”
– Jamila Danielle, Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer, Loved + Blessed

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