Case Study: Julie Chen Moonves’ “But First, God” Audiobook Campaign

“But First, God: An Audio Memoir of Spiritual Discovery” is an intimate and inspirational memoir narrated by Julie Chen Moonves, known for her long-time role as the host of Big Brother and a former moderator of The Talk. This unique, conversational audio experience immerses listeners in the room with Julie as she recounts her faith journey and shares her favorite spiritual discoveries. It’s described as transformative, offering listeners insight into Julie’s personal life and spiritual evolution.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote the audiobook for Simon & Schuster–a leading international publisher. This multifaceted campaign engaged The Christian Post, our proprietary Christian Women’s Blogger Network, Christian Moms Blog, and Social Posts Package


Julie Chen Moonves has made a significant impact in the television industry, which has earned her a loyal fan base that appreciates her authenticity and charisma. As such, our first target audience for this campaign was existing fans interested in discovering more about Julie’s personal journey of spiritual discovery.

We also identified Christian women and mothers as a key demographic. The themes of faith, spirituality, and personal growth explored in Julie’s memoir resonate deeply with this group. Many Christian women and mothers face similar challenges and experiences in their spiritual journeys, making Julie’s story both relatable and inspiring. Additionally, this group tends to be avid consumers of inspirational and faith-based content, further solidifying their potential interest in the audiobook.


For this campaign, we focused on email marketing and social media promotions along with a giveaway lead gen as our primary way of reaching potential listeners. See the details for each strategy below:

The Christian Post

Part of our FrontGate Digital Network, the #1 Christian digital news site The Christian Post features a very active site and email subscriber database which provides a significant opportunity to connect directly with our desired target audience. This CP audience is composed of engaged readers who regularly consume content related to faith, spirituality, and Christianity, making them an ideal group to introduce Julie Chen Moonves’ audiobook “But First, God.”

Women’s Blogger Network

We engaged bloggers from our Christian Women’s Blogger Network to create earned media in the form of a review “But First, God” and write an in-depth discussion promoting the audiobook after receiving a complimentary copy. In addition to their written reviews providing immediate exposure and ongoing backlinks and SEO value, the bloggers also posted on social media, promoting a lead gen giveaway opportunity.

Case Study: Julie Chen Moonves’ “But First, God” Audiobook Campaign

Christian Moms Blog

We published an original blog post by Julie Chen Moonves titled “Words Matter: My Awakening to the Sin of Gossip” on Christian Moms Blog. We sent this piece to our Christian Moms Blog email list and included information about how to purchase and listen to Julie’s audiobook. We followed up the blog with a direct email ad sent to all subscribers and a social post across our pages. 

Case Study: Julie Chen Moonves’ “But First, God” Audiobook Campaign

Case Study: Julie Chen Moonves’ “But First, God” Audiobook Campaign

Social Posting

Lastly, we created social media content for “But First, God,” which included a sales email to FrontGate Media’s Christian Giveaways List and cross-promotion across all of FrontGate’s consumer-targeted social media pages. 

Case Study: Julie Chen Moonves’ “But First, God” Audiobook Campaign

These efforts aimed to promote the audiobook and drive interest and traffic to the publisher’s page with more information and an opportunity to purchase.


The campaign was a great success, garnering over 4,000 clicks and 22,000 social engagements with the content. Here is a breakdown of the results of each marketing campaign:

The Christian Post

  • Direct Email Sent: 60,000
  • Direct Email Opened: 27,643, a 46% open rate!
  • Direct Email Clicked: 3.26%

Women’s Blogger Network

  • Bloggers: 15
  • Impressions (views): 322,945
  • Social Reactions (like, comments, shares): 2,034
  • Website Clicks: 2,323

Christian Moms Blog Article

  • Audience: 30,884
  • Impressions (views): 16,093
  • Engagement: 4,075
  • Clicks to Read the Blog: 939

Christian Moms Blog Promo Email

  • Sent: 8,599, a 30% open rate!
  • Opened: 2,647 
  • Clicked: 1.25%

Christian Moms Blog Sales Email

  • Sent: 9,285
  • Opened: 3,546, a 38% open rate!
  • Clicked: 0.90%

Social Posting

  • Audience: 155,000
  • Impressions (views): 86,040
  • Social Reactions (like, comments, shares): 14,847
  • Website Clicks: 766

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