#JESUSCARESSince their start in 2003, Groundwire has been leveraging mainstream media and technology in order to share the love found in Jesus Christ with youth and young adults. By placing well-produced and relevant commercials on the most-watched TV and radio stations, they are able to share authentic hope with many who might not be ready to walk into a local church.

Each commercial invites the viewer/listener to have a conversation with “someone who understands”. Twenty-four hours a day, there are volunteer coaches online ready to listen, encourage, and point chatters to Christ. From their start on just two stations in Denver, CO, and Spokane, WA, their endeavor has grown into a creative and effective tool to share the love of Christ.

Their encouraging commercials are now heard on over 1,300 stations, both secular and Christian, and over 28,000,000 people a month are hearing a message of hope. The volunteers that offer live coaching and encouragement at www.JesusCares.com are receiving an average of over 233,000 visitors a month.

Why they chose FrontGate Media:

Groundwire has worked with FrontGate’s PR Division previously so when they sought to develop a campaign to test donor development in the $20-$50 donation bracket using social media, they asked us about Social Marketing.  FrontGate’s Social Marketing Division has been creating success for our clients since 2007, just one year after Twitter was created and three years after “The Facebook” popped up on the Net.  With our track record helping reach and convert the Christian audience through Social Marketing, after their brief review of our capabilities and our grasp of their mission, we plunged into the project together.

Campaign Details:

A partial list of our efforts the 45-day donor development strategy and concept testing campaign we created included:

  • Designing a donation generating landing page with compelling calls to action
  • Developing and executing a direct email campaign
  • Creating and testing a lead generation ad campaign on Facebook
  • Implementing a social share campaign to increase web traffic to the donation page.
  • Work was also focused on forging unique social partnerships so that known social influencers posted about the organization and the donation campaign.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this campaign was new potential donors in the Christian community reachable through social media who would be interested in reaching millennials with the hope of Jesus.


  • Exposed JesusCares.com (Groundwire’s site) to over 600,000 viewers.
  • Collected 111 new email leads of potential donors.
  • 15 social partnership posts about JesusCares on other organization’s social pages.
  • 14 new donations as a direct result of the gift campaign.
  • Facebook page “likes” jumped from 4/day to 7/day during the span of the campaign. Page likes were not a target goal for the campaign, but the client was excited enough to highlight this achievement.)
  • The #JesusCares social share campaign garnered support from recognized social influencers such as Peter Guirguis and Tricia Goyer.
  • Interview with JesusCares.com/Groundwire founder on NewReleaseToday.com  Article link: http://www.newreleasetoday.com/article.php?article_id=1678
  • FrontGate Media also set up a no-cost “Ministry of the Month” partnership between GroundWire and a prominent Christian Music site, earning GroundWire $150 in donations!


“I really appreciate the expertise and passion that Katie and the FrontGate Media team brought to our end-of-the-year push.  They were aggressive and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with them.  The response was great as well, as we were able to acquire new leads and contact information.  FrontGate helped us build our base of champions and grow our engagement.”
– Sean Dunn, Founder and CEO of Groundwire

For more about GroundWire and their influential work: www.JesusCares.com

For more information about FrontGate’s expertise in Social Marketing campaigns, please contact Katie Nguyen at 949-459-3719.