Advancing Native Missions

Oliver Asher is the President of Advancing Native Missions–a nonprofit organization that provides resources and support to local ministries that share the good news of Jesus with their own people in more than 100 countries. 

Advancing Native Missions recently released a new book called Invincible Joy: Chasing God’s Dreams For Your Life. The book chronicles Oliver’s journey of coming from next to nothing to becoming a Division I scholarship athlete, an engineer, and a ministry leader. Invincible Joy speaks to Christians and non-Christians everywhere who want to find their purpose in life, understand God’s plan for the world, and experience invincible joy.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote Invincible Joy through a multi-channel campaign. The goal was to increase social engagements and purchase link clicks, ultimately driving more people to buy the book.

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign was Christian adults looking to find purpose in their stories and experience life to the fullest according to God’s perfect plan. The campaign sought to engage people from all walks of life who desire a more meaningful experience and deeper understanding of God’s greater purpose.


This campaign utilized four strategies: FrontGate Media’s proprietary Christian Influencer Group, Christian Women’s Blogger Network, Social Media, and Direct Email Marketing

The cross-channel approach resulted in substantial awareness and engagement for Invincible Joy. Together, these campaign tactics generated over 1.5 million impressions and 28,000 interactions, including over 300 people who clicked to the purchase page.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the campaign results to see how each tactic was strategically used to generate awareness, engagement, and sales for Oliver’s new book.

Influencer Campaign Results 

FrontGate Media secured 25 Christian influencers to read Invincible Joy and post a review on Instagram. Many went above and beyond, utilizing multiple features and platforms, including Instagram posts, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, and Facebook to review and promote the book.

  • Influencers: 25
  • Impressions: 409,255
  • Social Reactions (likes, comments, shares): 15,119
  • Website Clicks: 200

Invincible Joy Christian Marketing Case Study

Blogger Campaign Results

FrontGate Media secured 13 bloggers to read Invincible Joy and write a review on their blogs. Many went above and beyond by posting reviews and links to their blog posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The blogger campaign also included a giveaway campaign that generated email leads. 

  • Bloggers: 13
  • Impressions: 547,869
  • Social Reactions (likes, comments, shares): 1,838
  • Email Leads: 200 

Social Posts & Email Campaign Results

Lastly, FrontGate Media collaborated with four Faith & Family brands to promote Oliver Asher and his new book on Facebook. These included Christian Family Content, Christian Moms, Do You Love Jesus?, and Sacred Scripture. Each page published four posts, including the Book Trailer Video, information about Oliver, a quote from the book, and a sales video. We ran a Direct Email Marketing campaign alongside the social media posts, which generated additional reach and sales.

  • Impressions: 614,197
  • Social Reactions (likes, comments, shares): 10,911
  • Link Clicks: 117


  • Emails Sent: 19,861
  • Emails Opened: 5,691
  • Emails Clicked: 38  

Invincible Joy Christian Marketing Case Study

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