infaith_logoInFaith is a Christian missions group dedicated to enabling committed followers of Christ to serve with purpose and passion within America’s borders.

The organizational mission from their website reads, “Our ministries exist to introduce people to Jesus and help them get to know Him better. Our methods vary according to the needs of the people we serve. Our field staff serves in children’s ministry, pastorates, camps, church planting, urban ministries, youth ministry, intercultural ministry, prison ministry, chaplaincies, nursing home ministry, and other specialized ministries, as God has called each one. Over the years, our mission has been known as First Day Society, Sunday and Adult School Union, American Sunday School Union, and American Missionary Fellowship. Today, we call ourselves “InFaith” because everything we do is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ.”

This case study is a 30 day snapshot result.

Why They Engaged FrontGate:

InFaith reached out to FrontGate as they began rebuilding their brand online. As a Christian non-profit that has existed for 100 years, InFaith tapped FrontGate to build their Facebook strategy, execution and audience, and to increase their Likes and generate more responses to their posts. We have surpassed their goals and they are comfortable with our process. We are now working on using Facebook to reach potential new recruits for ministries and missions.

“Out of the gate, we felt like we were FrontGate’s most important customer. The team really cares about us—making sure our messaging is on point and specific to us.  As we’ve pursued our growth targets together, tracking is in place, combed over, and you’ve employed new strategies to overcome problems and barriers. Response times are great. Needs are met with willingness to listen and do the very best to take what we ask about, assess it, and refine the work to even better quality. You have taken the workload off our small staff while adopting our voice and growing our social presence. It’s been great. Thank you!”
–  Andrea D.L. Graver, Director of Communication, InFaith

Target Audience:

The target audience includes Christians in America who feel called to bring Jesus to those within our own borders. The core age range is ages 25-40. The target audience was defined through their organizational mission statement and goals.

Campaign Details:

Starting on September 1st, the focus during this snapshot 30 day period was to increase the social media outreach of InFaith. We focused our content development on creating two posts per day, and monitored the most responsive posting times in order to create the highest engagement.  We liked all posts from our audience, and engaged in further conversation with individuals when warranted in the posting stream.  Organic posts that received the most traction via likes, comments and shares were then Boosted to reach and engage more of the audience.  The Facebook strategy included the implementation of a contest in the week of Sept 14th in order to test audience response. This confirmed that our target audience spends more time looking at picture posts than reading text posts, which is in line with current social trending overall.  The contest and overall strategy was successful in creating an increase in engagement via likes, comments and shares within the posts.


Facebook Results

Growth: This month we reached 44,260 fans for InFaith as of 9/30, which is a 17% increase over the previous month.

Impressions – A total of 234,194 people were reached for the client through our posts, which is approximately 2,488 per post on average. We are working on creating posts that will continue to increase our reach and engage the audience.

Here is a sample report of a top performing post which reached 6,352 people, was “liked” 549 times, had 27 comments, and 117 shares.  This included 115 new Likes from the sharing process, reaching 115 people who were not previously involved with InFaith.  We have since surpassed this level of reach and response.  Below is the post for the contest and has been our number one post since the beginning of the campaign.



Beginning October 1, we also started testing another game to measure audience willingness to look for logos hidden in a picture. Results from this initial game will help guide us in creating a larger, more effective contest that is designed to extend our reach. Facebook was our main focus for this period.  InFaith’s Twitter engagement is also a secondary goal for moving forward. Our strategies for Twitter are similar those for Facebook, however we will be most interested in testing popular hashtags there to see which will garner more followers, retweets and replies.


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