HarvestBloomHarvestBloom is a Rock Band from Silver Spring, Maryland whose members are humbly writing music to help spread the message of Grace.

Anji C. – lead vocals
Pat C. – guitars, vocals
Greg B. – drums
Molly M. -keys, vocals
Craig S. – bass guitar, vocals

In additional to recording music and performing live concerts, HarvestBloom also spends their time supporting several charitable organizations like The Capital Area Food Bank, The International Justice Mission. and Kenya Hope.

Target Audience

The HarvestBloom fan base and overall listening audience is wide-ranging.  Their music has been heard around the world; their rock pop sound, filled with Spirit and love is appreciated by people of all ages.


How to develop and execute a large-scale promotion to cause Christian music fans to hear the music of HarvestBloom and to connect with the band for ongoing interaction and purchases.


The FrontGate Media Campaign

The campaign began in July and ran through December across various media outlets, culminating in downloads, list growth and sales of concert tickets and product.   The campaign consisted of placement in newsletters targeted to the core Christian music audience and featured specific songs as well as placement on iTickets.com and HollywoodJesus.com.


When it comes to click-thrus, open rates and downloads the campaign was a huge success in audience acquisition and music exposure.  The campaign ran across the top Christian entertainment sites including NewReleaseTuesday.com, HearItFirst.com, iTickets.com and more.

Here is just a sample of that success:

  • Over 500,000 people were delivered an ad, message, or newsletter during the campaign.
  • “My Sweet Jesus” song was downloaded 5,677 times.
  • “Devil’s Poison” song was downloaded 10,868 times.
  • iTickets.com served up their tour dates to music fans in each city and generated 3,054 downloads.
  • HarvestBloom was an Artist of the Month on NewReleaseTuesday.com.

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