Hallow App #Pray40 Lent Challenge Multi-Tactic Campaign

Hallow is the #1 Catholic app for meditation, prayer, and sleep support. App users experience personalized daily prayer, community and connection with other believers, prayer reminders, goals and streaks, and space to journal their thoughts. Hallow also aims to be a reliable source of valuable information to help believers prioritize their faith. FrontGate Media was hired to develop a multi-tactic campaign to promote Hallow’s #Pray40 Lent Challenge via email marketing, digital ads, and a Bible App devotional study. 

Target Audience

Hallow is first and foremost an app for Catholic men and women who want to grow in their faith, so that was the primary target audience for the #Pray40 Lent Challenge campaign. However, people of all faiths and religions can access daily prayers and find helpful resources on the app. Because of this, the multi-tactic campaign aimed to reach and engage Catholics and other believers.


This multi-tactic campaign used three key strategies: Direct Email Marketing, Digital Ads, and a devotional study developed for the Bible App, with the goal of reaching believers on multiple platforms. Each medium provided information about the #Pray40 Lent Challenge, including ways to join the challenge on the app. 


The multi-tactic campaign reached millions of people, increasing awareness and engagement for the #Pray40 Lent Challenge and Hallow app in general. 

Direct Email Marketing & Digital Ads for Hallow Lent Campaign

We sent over 1.8 million emails to Hallow’s target audience:

  • Washington Times Catholic Email List: 1 million subscribers
  • Washington Times Women’s Email List: 700,000 subscribers
  • Catholic Online: 100,000 subscribers

The emails received a 16.6% average open rate and a 9.4% click rate, resulting in increased engagement and app downloads. To support the emails, we placed digital ads on The Washington Times website, which resulted in an additional 500,000 impressions and 806 clicks to the Hallow website.

Bible App Devotional for Hallow’s Lent Campaign

To support the #Pray40 Lent Challenge, FrontGate Media also submitted a devotional to the YouVersion Bible App. The 7-day devotional titled “The 7 Last Words of Christ With Jim Caviezel” reflects on Jesus’ last words as He hung on the cross. It encourages readers to spend seven days with actor Jim Caviezel–whose credits include his outstanding portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ–and meditate on each of the seven last words of Christ. 

In less than one month after publication, the devotional has received 4,000+ sign-ups with a 54% completion rate and continues to increase. This supports the #Pray40 Lent Challenge campaign by raising brand awareness for Hallow and directing devotional readers to the app for similar content and more information about the challenge. 

Overall, FrontGate Media was able to increase website traffic, app downloads, and engagement for Hallow and their #Pray40 Lent Challenge. With thousands of new users, Hallow can continue to expand its reach using the momentum from this successful multi-tactic campaign. 

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