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Finding Love in Mountain View” is a new Hallmark Movie inspired by the book “Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon” by Miralee Ferrell. This film falls into the popular romance genre and highlights unexpected loss, a focus on family, and what it truly means to risk it all for love. The movie premiered on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel on September 19, 2021. FrontGate Media was tasked with promoting the film ahead of the premiere with a very conservative budget. We created a targeted campaign using four proven marketing strategies: FrontGate Media’s Christian Influencer Group, Women’s Blogger Network, select Advertising and Social Posting, and a Lead Gen Giveaway campaign. 

Target Audience

The ideal audience for this film is women and families who watch the Hallmark Channel, romance films, and faith and family films. Although “Finding Love in Mountain View” isn’t explicitly Christian, it does focus on key themes relevant to the Faith and Family audience. Because of this, FrontGate Media utilized its group of Christian influencers and Women Bloggers to promote the film to various online audiences. Additionally, the movie was promoted on NewReleaseToday, and others from our Digital Network, through boosted posts across Facebook pages for Christian Moms, Christian Families, and more. 


FrontGate Media pitched, confirmed, and facilitated 23 influencers and bloggers to promote “Finding Love in Mountain View” on social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more, as well as through their blogs and email lists. Each individual watched the film before its release and wrote a blog post review and/or promoted the movie via social media posts and stories. Additionally, FrontGate facilitated a giveaway campaign to collect email addresses to promote the film’s release in yet another way. The giveaway winner received a copy of “Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon” by Miralee Ferrell, signed by the lead actors in the movie. 


The highly targeted multi-tactic campaign for “Finding Love in Mountain View” did well.

The Christian Influencer Group and Women’s Blogger Network generated over 300,000 impressions, substantially increasing brand awareness for the “Finding Love in Mountain View” film. 

  • Total Reach: 305,264
  • Total Bloggers & Influencer Pages: 23
  • Total Social Reactions: 1,015
  • Total Email Leads: 257

By collecting over 250 email leads, the film captured a solid number of interested users. With this list of warm leads, the film was further promoted to increase views on its release date, and future films will be promoted to these fans. 

NewReleaseToday was the standout from the Digital Network. The homepage roadblock, site skin, direct email, display ads, and social content generated 320,000 impressions to drive people to the film’s landing page.

Social Posts through key pages like Christian Moms and Christian Families generated 130,592 impressions with 1958 engagements. 

Through the various campaign tactics, “Finding Love in Mountain View” was promoted to a new audience, directly impacting the movie’s viewership. Using this momentum, the film can further be promoted to increase views of the movie on the Hallmark Movies Now channel through Amazon. 

Here are two rave reviews “Finding Love in Mountain View” received through this campaign:

“I watched this movie with my older daughters (ages 11 and 8), and we were pleasantly amused by this film. There is something to be said about being able to enjoy a movie together with your loved ones.”

  • Christen, Christen Fox Blog

“If you’re looking for a good Hallmark Movie to kick off the fall season with, then Finding Love in Mountain View is perfect for you! Sometimes you just need a good movie to remind you of what is important in life… and what really matters. This is a heartwarming movie that highlights the beauty of love, parenting, and family.”

  • @crystal.addis on Instagram

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