FrontGate Media blogger network promotionWhen you’re a parent, you often search for quality products for your child. As a Christian parent, you probably have additional parameters for the books and media you bring into your home, and it can be difficult to find items that fit your personal values and beliefs. Recently, we worked with our stellar network of FrontGate bloggers to promote a beautiful board book called “God loves Mommy and Me” in order to help more parents and grandparents become aware of such a sweet resource for their little ones.

“God Loves Mommy and Me” is a beautifully-illustrated board book, appropriate for ages 2-5, with twenty pages aimed at preschoolers and kindergartners. The story is a precious reminder of the love of moms for their children, and the encompassing love of God. It is published by Thomas Nelson publishers, and is authored by Bonnie Rickner Jensen, who has authored many children’s and gift books over the last two decades.

Campaign Details:

FrontGate was contacted to collaborate with our extensive network of bloggers to review the book and raise awareness. The goal was to extend the reach of the product, and to collect email leads from giveaways hosted on each blog. The target audience was Christian mothers who are parenting young children in the suggested age range. Various approaches were used including: inviting bloggers to participate, selecting the appropriate bloggers and getting them copies of the book, then curating their reviews. A book giveaway was also added to the Christian Freebies List, as well as postings on four additional FrontGate Media social media pages. Some examples of the social media posts are included below:

God loves Mommy and Me Blogger Network

God Loves Mommy and Me FrontGate Bloggers


This campaign was very successful, with many bloggers catching onto the vision of the book, and helping to bolster reach.

  • Impressions: 415, 631
  • Social Media posts: 126
  • Email lead captures: 127

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