Project Inspired by NicoleProject Inspired, an online magazine and community for Christian teen girls  founded by model and mentor Nicole Weider, is always looking for new ways to engage girls in a positive way. The articles and vlogs on the site focus on topics of interest to young women such as beauty, fashion, boys, relationships, entertainment, fitness and body image–all from a Christian perspective. Project Inspired recently partnered with FrontGate Merch for several T-shirt comps, which they then let readers vote on with the intent of selling the winning T-shirt in the Project Inspired store.

Why Project Inspired Uses FrontGate Media

“FrontGate Media has helped us to successfully fulfill our passions and create relationships with young women in the hopes of inspiring them – with spirituality, truth and fun — so they may live their best lives. [FrontGate] has positively impacted what we are able to provide our readers, thereby creating a pathway for our readers to enjoy their lives.”
– Nicole Weider, founder of

Target Audience

With an emphasis on being yourself, Project Inspired primarily reaches out to and engages teen girls who are active in their Faith.


The challenge in designing a T-shirt for Project Inspired lies in the diverse tastes and styles of the girls who visit to share their stories, make new friends, and read articles of interest to them. The goal was to create designs that were not only fashion-friendly and stylish, but which would also carry a positive message that could become an anthem for teen girls everywhere. The shirt needed to be something teen girls would wear proudly, not something they would hide in the back of their closet. The design and message both needed to reflect today’s modern Christian teen in a trendy and flattering way consistent with Biblical principles.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

FrontGate Merch created four different designs that readers had the opportunity to vote on. All four employed pastel colors against a white background and conveyed a positive message of empowerment. The shirts were all simple, short sleeve V-necks with the Project Inspired logo patch on the left sleeve. Here’s a look at the four versatile offerings up for voting:

  • “Be Inspired and Love God” (topped with pink crown in the vein of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” line)
  • “God Loves You, Pass It On” (with pink, blue and green flowers screened behind it)
  • “Forgiven” (with an image of pink tulips)
  • “Don’t Lose Hope. Just Know God Has a Better Plan for You.” (with the Project Inspired bird and pink hearts)
Fans were able to vote for their favorite T-shirt design over the course of one week.

Project Inspired Forgiven T-shirtResults

By allowing fans of Project Inspired to vote for their favorite T-shirt design, the girls were made to feel like their opinion mattered. Over 595 votes were cast for the four designs, with the “Forgiven” shirt finishing as the clear winner. Based on the comments, it seemed the message was the primary deciding factor. The topic of forgiveness resonated with numerous young girls. Here were some of their comments:

“I love the forgiven one! Pretty! Great idea, Nicole.” –horselover0509

“I love that Forgiven one. It really touches my soft spot. I’ve had some troubles in the past, and really even now, about remembering that I have been forgiven. That nothing I do will make God love me less. I would be willing to buy a shirt like that…I would DEFINITELY pay money for the Forgiven one, because it basically is my motto.” –HurricaneMurphGirl

“They are an amazing way to make people ask questions so you can tell them about Jesus! And they’re all so pretty! They should make all of them!!!!” –elenorfish

The “Forgiven” T-shirt will soon be available in the Project Inspired online store. You can check out all four designs and all comments here.

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